Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wana Buy Gift?


Tgk title tu?hehehe.just a quick info for u out there who wants to buy a souvenir or a gift or a present (same la tu kan?) for some one special or not special.

Last few days me,my mum and her friend went to this souvenir shop called "Souvenir Shoppe" selling many kinds of souvenir especially "English Theme",located in Wangsa Maju.The closest landmark there is Hospital Damai.

i did not manage to take many pics there..adela sket.

The surrounding and decorations of the shop create the mood to buy at least something there.There's a lot of choices to choose from,be it frame,glass,fragrances,wall clock,wood calendar,cute boxes,and banyak lg la..U gotta see for yourself to know.At last my mum bought a glass set of chess which is very nice and with a reasonable price too.(after less)

So kalo kalo rase interested tu tryla pg k?