Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Miss U!!!!!


Jgn salah sangka yee..

Bukan la rindu pada boyfren saje.Tapi mcm2la.This past 3 weeks i was so damn busy with my work that i got no energy anymore to update my dearest blog after i go back from work.

Kerja tersangatla banyak!banyak yg tertangguh,yang org bagi,yg org mintak tolong,yg bos bg,yg incoming..ahhh mcm2la..pendek kata mmg banyak.mmg agak x menang tangan dibuatnye.

And mcm place new frens la.Im lucky because there are few more coming same as me..same batch la kirenye ni.Masing2 baru so we could mix around well.

From left:Me,Lydia,Nona (not in the picture:Shakila)

Kalo korang pandai korang blh agak la kan gamba tu ditangkap dimana..heheh..bukanla x senonoh tp mmg xde masa nk bergamba2 di tempat lain yg lebih proper.huhuu..

At the moment there are few major issues so my boss is kinda screaming at everyone to work harder and expect everybody to work overtime and on weekends.So faham2 sajela ye kalo aku dah lame x update.

Err..and 1 more Luna (ok we finally named her already) dah 2 hari tak balik2..sedih jgak.Kemana la die pg agaknye.Hope die x lupe jln pulang.

Thats all for now...Muaahhhss


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haruskah Aku Pergi?


Pening gak kepala ni memikirkan.

Tak tau patut ke x?

Kalo tak pergi nnti rugi.

Kalo pg and dpt plak lagi pening nk pikir nk pilih mana satu.

Dua2 aku suka.Dua2 aku damba sejak dari dulu lagi.

Tapi bila peluang tu datang...rasanye lagi pening nak buat pilihan.

Yang baru ni takdela menjanjikan ape2 peluang tu still ade.

So just memikirkan kemungkinan kalo dapat dua2..

Macamana tu?

Adusss ...

Dapat salah..x dpt pun salah..

p/s;Semoga Allah memberiku petunjuk..Amin

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wana Buy Gift?


Tgk title tu?hehehe.just a quick info for u out there who wants to buy a souvenir or a gift or a present (same la tu kan?) for some one special or not special.

Last few days me,my mum and her friend went to this souvenir shop called "Souvenir Shoppe" selling many kinds of souvenir especially "English Theme",located in Wangsa Maju.The closest landmark there is Hospital Damai.

i did not manage to take many pics there..adela sket.

The surrounding and decorations of the shop create the mood to buy at least something there.There's a lot of choices to choose from,be it frame,glass,fragrances,wall clock,wood calendar,cute boxes,and banyak lg la..U gotta see for yourself to know.At last my mum bought a glass set of chess which is very nice and with a reasonable price too.(after less)

So kalo kalo rase interested tu tryla pg k?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mari Menghias Meja!

Hi kawan-kawan..mlm ni saya agak bengong sket..huhuuh..knp??saya pun x tau.Mcm2 hal yg berlaku lately agaknye..both bad and good.

Malam ini saya just nk tunjukkan "kekreatifan" saya dalam menghias workstation saya.Hehehe..mmg sungguh x kreatif orgnye.



Ok.Korang blh nmenyumpah aku sekarang.Xpun tlgla bg idea cmne nk hias supaya aku lebih bersemangat sket nk bekerja.Nak jugak tgk table kite tu ceria je.So msti ade mood nnti.


Amacam Keje?

Hi,miss u guys sooooooooooooooo much.but what to do,the internet connection is so bad these past 2-3 days.Tonight ok sket.

I have nothing much to update.But i gotta tell u this..few days ago a receive a parcel from Pos Malaysia.

Meh kite tgk

Ape la agaknye ek..It says there that its from CIMB.


A mobile phone holder!Comel kan?!

Its their token of appreciation to me for signing up for CIMB Mobile Banking.It came with a letter too.Oh so sweet of them!

Oh im so gonna put this on my workstation!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Eventho im soo happy to start my new job at Petronas..i still feel a little reluctant to leave my current job with Frezawa Engineering (for KLIA Consult).Im already feel comfortable with all my colleagues and the environment there.

But what to do,life must go on.Its time for me to find a real job and start to plan my life.Banyak sangat bende yg nk dibuat and nk di 'achieve' dlm hidup ni.But kene buat satu-satu.pelan-pelan bak kata org. a tribute to my old company..sempatla aku menangkap beberapa gamba candid bersama sbahagian teman-teman sekerja sebagai kenangan..Semoga kalian tidak aku melupakan diriku dan semoga korang berjaya menemui kerja yg diimpikan.

The big pic:from left-me,sheren,shalini(shalu) and Chris

Gonna miss u guys and all the times we spent!


Ape Cerita Interview?

U know what???

I got the job!!!

And u know what??

I'll start this monday!

And u know what again??



Wednesday, July 08, 2009



I have an interview tomorrow.

Seriously im soooo looking forward for this.

And soooo nervous too!

Will update about it later ya!

Pls pray for me..


Monday, July 06, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru Kawanku Hasfa!

Tanggal 4 hb Julai 2009 adalah detik bersejarah for my best friend Noorhasfaliza Abu hassan kerana telah selamat diijabkabulkan dgn pilihan hati Mohd Faizal (errr betul ke name tu?).I'm sooooo happy for u dear!

I went to the kenduri with AnaCinta,Sha,Lea and my mum.Too bad Cik Mas x dpt menghadiri sama kerana ade masalah family yg kronik..

I feel like it was just yesterday she and her fiance (at that time) when to watch Teater Musikal Puteri Gunung Ledang together with me and Mr NAZ on Feb.

And it feels like yesterday je when we used to go to class over nite/midnite tgk wayang sesama,kene ngorat ngn mamat mane tah kt trafic lite (hehe i know u still and will remember that one :p),praktikal kt Cameron ngn kwn2 lain,dok serumah kat belakang Kolej 10 & 11 tuh,jerit2 time sokong K10 & K11 in their games,when we used to have this conversation about relationship and how we were afraid that whether we might find that Mr Right? worry already..Its all in the past rite now.

Actually panjang lg nk tulis much to say,so much to cam rasa sebak plak.Banyak sangat yg telah dikongsi bersama sepanjang mengenalinye selama 5 tahun ni.So much.And now she's already moving on to another phase of life.

Sekarang dah jadi isteri orang dah cik Hasfa ni.So saya doakan agar awak menjadi isteri yang solehah dan mithali kpd En Faizal ye.Dah x ble cam dulu daa time muda2 and single dulu..Mungkin hubungan kite takkan sama mcm dulu lg.But i will appreciate what we've been thru all these years (sob sob).Ko doakanla aku cepat2 menyusul pasni plak.Jeles nihh..huhu


p/s:dah kurang sorang lg anggota kelab desperate hosewives..huhuhu.(aku pun dah lupe ape name kelab kite tu)


Ini Buktinye

Maybe when i complained about the massive traffic jam in KL u might think that i was making it a big issue.But..just let the pictures do the talking

p/s:1)Yg gambar besar tu jem time kat Sunway Toll.U know how bad the traffic is at LDP rite?

2)Yg gamba far left tu the big lorry is actually Harry Potter Lorry (heheh at least that's what i call it)..i really luv it!Its painted in black just like in the poster with all the casts face all over it and the coolest thing is at the back u can see a trailer being played!cool haaa


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Transformer oh Transformer

I am really pissed off rite now!Today is my 2nd attemp to watch this:

First was at MBO Ampang last Wed,and today me and Mr NAZ went to both GSC & TGV One Utama and also MBO Ampang again but nada!

Actually bukanla semua show tiket abis but since my time is limited and time yg aku nk tgk tu plak dah mmg tiket xde.

Dah mula rasa tawar hati nk tgk daaaaaa..aduhh dah nk masuk minggu kedua dah oiiii tp wayang still full keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Yang dah tgk sekali tu tolooooongla jgn mengada2 nk tgk 2 -3 kali pulak chance plak kt aku nk tgk plak.

Mane ble aku miss filem hebat ini..hehehe..(well i'm waiting for Harry Potter tho at end of this month)


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Burning Paris...

Haha.Jgn salah anggap ya.Bukannye saye nk ke sana(eventho im actually dying to go there!).Its just a book.A book i just got for myself.

It was on sale.So i thought i need a break from all the hassle i been thru everyday,so i instead of having a great weeken i might as well read this.

Hope this will get me to the world i long to be..