Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Name Ape ek?


Need ur help rite now...im confuse what name to give my little kitten.First i tot its a male,but a little dissapointed when i knew its a SHE.I prefer HE..hehee...But...its ok.

I've visited some websites that provides the list of cats name but it all come whether its too weird...too long.. or doesnt sound nice.I have some in mind tho but would love to listen to u guys suggestions..pls do yaaa..

Thats all for now.mengantuk sudah.gotta have enuff sleep and rest.bsok nk pg keje and mengharung jem lg..daaaaa




Miu said...

I once lived with over 50 cats inside my house... (inside) not counting the outside also!

my grandma was an animal lover, she would rescue dogs n cats, bring back home and then..they will reproduce banyak banyak sampai generations..

long story cut short..

i think the best person to name it would be you :)

something that special from the kitty.

I got my own kitty which i rescue from backyard n brought home.. kena marah mak. The kitten is tabby cat. It's a male cat. First day je.. meow meow meow sini sana..

finally i bagi je name Meow Boy.

easy kan ahhahahah

auntie i pulak suka bagi nama arak pada kucing and anjing!

ada Shandy, Brandy etc!

kalau tak... nama orang famous.. macam

Mel (for mel gibson)

sometimes pulak sound like boy band nick names macam pretty boy..

So, Dila, kalau u feel ada nama yg boleh connect u to your lil kitty, that's the name!

all the best!!!

- z L a - said...

nisha, nana, darla, bawang putih bawang merah..eh??

never had a pet before, susahla nk bg idea2 yg bernas..huhu

Dila@Dalila said...

miu-thanks dear..im so concern about the name because it represents her.so i want it to be nice and short and sweet.hehee..tq anyway
Zla-hehe..xpe..sume name2 tu blh diconsiderkan.thanks dear

Snowwhite Zone said...

i prefer MING

Dila@Dalila said...

snow:ehh silap bace tdi..ingatkan MNG..hehehe..MING..hmmm sedap jgak tu..thanks yaaa

Anonymous said...

Err...I thought we named it Luna already???

Dila@Dalila said...

fiza:errrr..but its not wrong to ask for other people's opinion rite??hihi

Miu said...

hi darlin! u have been awarded the adorable award by me!!