Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ada Apa Dgn KL?

How i wish i can update my blog now with a loooooong and informative entry.But too bad i am so damn tired right now.Hari ni rekod 2 jam tperangkap dlm jem on my way back from work.Normally it only take me around 1 hour to reach home.But harini hujan i the traffic was so slow and it caused jem di sane sini.Im sooo tired already..of everything..but its must go on..

Hidup di KL membuatkan aku rasa hari2 penuh dgn kepenatan je..dgn jem lifenye..(heheh mcm la ku x sosial akn?)But rite now masalah jem tu mmg2 betul2 memeningkan kepala.But i hv no option because thats the only route i know..

Arrggghh..i started to hate KL already.




Mas Yg COmeL said...

siNCE WHEn u HTE kl? newa TO me BABE

zila ziman said...

think of the shopping mall dear..mana nk dapat kt mesia ni kalau tak kat kl..hv to survive demi shopping mall :(