Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ada Apa Dgn KL?

How i wish i can update my blog now with a loooooong and informative entry.But too bad i am so damn tired right now.Hari ni rekod 2 jam tperangkap dlm jem on my way back from work.Normally it only take me around 1 hour to reach home.But harini hujan i the traffic was so slow and it caused jem di sane sini.Im sooo tired already..of everything..but its must go on..

Hidup di KL membuatkan aku rasa hari2 penuh dgn kepenatan je..dgn jem lifenye..(heheh mcm la ku x sosial akn?)But rite now masalah jem tu mmg2 betul2 memeningkan kepala.But i hv no option because thats the only route i know..

Arrggghh..i started to hate KL already.



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Adorable Blog Award


I've been tagged by Miu for the Adorable Blog Award!


Am i that adorable???hihihi..i guess u guys have to find out!Thanks a bunch Miu for nominating me this award..luv u to bits!


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Right now i hv to nominate u out there..and u are.....





Siti Noramiza

Snow (sorry yang!cant find ur blog add)





Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Benarkah Cinta Itu Buta?

Hehehe,tajuk mcm jiwang kan?

I was listening to one of our local radio the other day on my way back from work...they had this topic which was "Do u think that love is blind and what is the craziest or stupidest thing that u ever did for love" errrrr..something like that laaaa..And so many people called up giving different kind of views and opinions.

Somehow this topic kinda make me think deep.

Actually this kind of issue dah selalu kite dgr..adakah cinta itu buta?or kite yg buta?or kite yg membutakan cinta itu?hehehe mcm2 lah..

As for me myself..susahla nk komen bende ni..sbb i've seen people who done stupid things for "love"..mase tu mmg dorang xkan nampak kebodohan itu..ataupun mmg dorang nampak tp buat2 x nampak.sbb hati dah sayang..dah CHENTA la katakan.

Some people are willing to wait,some willing to spend money,some willing to be beaten,some willing to share with someone else....mcm2la..pelik2 pun ade

Like me..adela jugak buat bende bodoh tak kala hati sudah dikaburi chenta (tp xdela bodoh sgt k hehe) ..huahuahua..pernahla melalui zaman2 putus cinta la, kene reject la..dipermainkanla, susah sket nk komen kalo org lain yg pun buat bende bodoh gak..

But...i take it all as a lesson learnt...a valuable experience yg tidak boleh dibeli dimana2..ia datang secara percuma sahaja..huhuu..

But in this modern world where money u really think that we can just survive without it but only love semata2?Hidup hanya bergantung pada chenta sahaja...boleh ke?nak makan ape?dok atas ape?

I've asked Mr NAZ this question once..

"Do u think true love still exist now?dimana mereka sanggup mengharungi susah senang bersama?menerima keburukan pasangan dgn seadanya?sanggup makan pasir pun x ape asalkan boleh bersama?"

And he said

"Yes..i do believe"

I was like...wowww..just when i tot that he will be in the same boat with me then he gave me such an unexpected answer..

Bukanla aku x percaya pada cinta sejati..i know its still exist..somewhere on the corner of this world maybe..huhu..its just that..i think...L.O.V.E has been me.

Ada apa dengan cinta??

Some people are lucky to be married to the person he/she loves..some people plak bercinta ngn org lain..bertunang ngn org last2 berkahwin dgn org lain..itulah kebesaran kuasa tuhan.How life can be twisted in such a way that we cant expect.

For me..i never tot that i can be in love again with Mr NAZ..after what happened..we had such a not very sweet history laah.after what i've been thru getting back together with him seemed so imposible to me..But Alhamdulillah Allah itu Maha Adil..nmpaknye seperti jodoh kami kuat so skarang tinggal nk maintain kan relationship ni je.

Ok..enuf about what about u girls out there?Do u have any story that u want to share with me?I would love to hear..Any advice or suggestions are most welcome.Because i know not all people will agree with me so i want to hear what u have to say about this..

Is love worth it?

I came across this phrase not long ago..and loving it till now..

Cinta takkan dapat kalau tak diberi,

Cinta takkan datang kalau tak dicari,

Hidup tanpa cinta ibarat hidup tanpa cita-cita

p/s:layankan jela emo jiwang aku mlm nih


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Name Ape ek?


Need ur help rite confuse what name to give my little kitten.First i tot its a male,but a little dissapointed when i knew its a SHE.I prefer HE..hehee...But...its ok.

I've visited some websites that provides the list of cats name but it all come whether its too weird...too long.. or doesnt sound nice.I have some in mind tho but would love to listen to u guys suggestions..pls do yaaa..

Thats all for now.mengantuk sudah.gotta have enuff sleep and rest.bsok nk pg keje and mengharung jem lg..daaaaa



Monday, June 08, 2009

Feliz cumpleaƱos mis Amigos

Its birthday again!

Errr..belated la tapi.huhuhu sorry

Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest girl frens

Cik Nazuha Rosli (on 5th may)

and Cik Norainyshazleen Zulkifly (on 5th June)

Sesungguhnye aku tidak melupakan harijadi kamu!!

Happy Birthday again BIATCHes (menurut kata2 cik Suen kt bday kek aku 4 tahun lepas)

p/s:sori la kengkawan,gamba2 anda dicilok dari facebook sahaja memandangkan tiada sumber lain.sekian terima kasih..



Friday, June 05, 2009


Hiiiiiiiiiii.. feels like forever since i last wrote something here.Been soooooo busy with stuff and life..and work..and my babies..heheh.anyway am so tired right now so im gonna make it brief huhuhu

1)Love life-Some are wondering am i stil with Mr NAZ?The answer is ..YES..I know u guys read my entry about me breaking up with him.Okay...we did but...errr.. now have reconcile back-lah.hehe and somehow i forgot to blog about it.

2)Work-After i resigned from my previous company..I had a week rest at home..Resting myself and took time to figure out what to do next.Well i dont have to wait long tho..a fren from UPM got me a temp job in this company he's working with.KLIA Consult.So currently i am not so unemployed-lah..hhehe

3)Financial-Err..not soo good at this moment.Cant wait for my gaji..(aiyaaa baru je keje dah fikir gaji ke nok)

4)Family-My sis just went to Terengganu to attend her induction and BTN before she can start her posting (not sure which hospital yet,i hope its Putrajaya!)

5)Meow meow-This is my another baby i was talking about earlier!I hav a new kitten!!

For those who already know and met me must have known that i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv cats.Especially the fat , katik one.huhuhu.I've always wanted to have my own cat (or kitten) that i can keep from it's a baby until it becomes verrrrrryyyyyy big.

I'm not really into buying super expensive siammese or british short hair cat.I believe that there is more satisfaction if you can keep a cat that u found by the road side,sick and thin,so that u will experience urself how to raise the cat until it's healthy.To me that brings more satisfaction

Well,about a week ago i had the chance.While i was on my way to work(errr..ex-work) just not far from my house,there 3 or 4 cars in front of my car that stopped not knowing why.Another car behind me already honked me.So i just took over the cars infront becasue i was already late.But when i was ahead i could see why those cars stopped.

There's a kitten that was hiding under the frontest car's tyre.It didnt want to move.I was so shocked to see that.The driver gave up to try to take that kitten and he almost proceed to just drove over.I couldnt bear myself to witness the kitten being just hitten by that car.I figured out that i should do something about it.

So i stopped somewhere near,got out of car and tried to persuade the kitten to come out.But the kitten refused.It looked so scared of environment around it.So i bent down,grabbed it and went off.

I didnt know what to do with cat.And i was late somemore.So i decided to put the kitten inside a paint container.I put unused towel and gently let the kitten rest.I thought while i was at work maybe i could figure out what to do with it.

When i got back,it wasnt there anymore.My sis told me that the neighbour took it because she taught the kitten was coming from nowhere and decided to keep it.But when my sis told her i was the one who brought the kitten back,she released it.

At that time i didnt know where it was so i just forget it.But that night...i couldnt sleep because the kitten happened to be at my neighbur's kitchen door and was "meowwwwwing" all through the night.It's cold outside since it rained that night and it must be starving.But i didnt do anything( bad of me) and decided to wait till morning came.

The next morning,i went out to see the kitten and there it was standing in front of the door still making noise.That was when i made up my mind i want to keep the kitten and raise it.I know my mum's gonna "bising" because we have so many stray cats already at the back of our house.But this was different..This gonna be my own cat..

I started by taking back all my cat stuff (cage,food & water container and sand container) from my elder sister's house.I bought the kitten food (Royal Canine lagi okaaayyyy..mule2 je lepas2 ni x dapekla..mahal wooo),milk powder so that we can "bancuh" and gv the kitten.

It turned out that the kitten loves the milk but not the food.It took it a while to finish just a small portion.But it's ok..the kitten will love it later..

Now the kitten is healthy and active!Im sooooooo glad and grateful!!!

6) and stuf-Nothing much but as promised,sandal that i bought from my latest sale..

7)Frens-Hasfa is getting married in a month time!!!!OMG!Cant believe it..sume kwn2 aku dah nak kawennn..cant wait for that day.Anyway i attended my other fren's wedding on Saturday with Mr NAZ.Tak sempat nk tangkap gamba sgt..