Sunday, May 24, 2009

Valiram Luxury Fashion & Watch Clearance Sale (21st - 24th May 2009)

I know u must be wondering ape hal lak pompuan ni dahla x de keje pastu x abis2 lg ngn bershopping kan??


Itulah namenye me"release" kan tension.

Me and Hasfa went to the sale actually.

Well,as expected..nothing much to grab.

For Coach,adela handbag on design kurang menarik.

For Chloe plak.hehehehe..x mampu!!!!event after less pun still riban2 gak

For Jimmy Choo's shoes...mmmm..lebih kurang same gak mcm di atas.kalo yg murah pun design yg sangat2 biase je.not worth me laaa

For perfume...boleh dikatakan xde yg menarik hati jgak.but its quiet a bargain la..beli 1 percuma 1..x berapa ingat brand yg ade

Shanghai Tang? really into that brand..dorang more to apparels

At last..

I grabbed Charles & Keith heel sandal and chocolates!!! And Hasfa pun amek kasut gak..

Its a bargain jgakla..less 50% for the shoes and 30% for the chocolates (Toblerone & Daim)

Pics nti2 la yeeee..just nk update brg yg berjaya dibei sahaja..




★ whoaamello ★ said...

Hey, thanks for coming by (: And for the luck ♥ Sales, sales, sales(!!). Too bad I'm crazy broke. *sniff*

Dila@Dalila said...

its ok darling...maybe this time u missed it..but next time??who knows?