Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Those Good Old Days

My old old bestfren from my highschool suddenly called me last week.I was surprised.She said she just wanted to say hi and wanna catch things up.We chatted a little bit and she told me it was her daughter's birthday.

OMG!How could i forgot!

She's already married and already got 1 kid.

And me?

She was so excited about her daughter's birthday and told me how she misses me.I've known her since we were 14..and now im 25..eh 26..heheheh..

It's been 12 years already..12 hard years.

She then MMS her daughter's pic

Her name is Amal...er er..x ingat dah..Amal somethingla..bukan amal jariah yee..

Hmm. tibe2 seronok plak dgr crite org dah ade kawen and ade anak ni..its like everything is complete dah.ada keje stabil,suami yg penyayang,anak yg sihat and cute.ape lagi nak?



Speaking of which..i had a fight with him started from yesterday..mmmm ntahla..sedih jgak rasenye.

Mcm dah mintak putus pun ade.actually dah mintak pun..

Haisshhhh ntahla..its complicated sket between me and him.it hurts to know that u always been compared to your BF's ex..

Suddenly i miss the good old days..when i was single..and happy..and free

I hv all my girlfrens with me.We would talk about almost everything..Whenever any of us hv guy problems (except me of course!) we would all sit down and try to fix it together or at least hear it out...

I miss them..

Jaja,Cinta,Baby,Lea,Hasfa,Mas..and ramai lagila

The bonding is just there..We did have our badtimes too..but at the end of the day..we still stick together..no matter what

Last 2 days i finally dpt jgak jmpe si Cinta ni...and tadik..si Jaja..mas plak x sempat nak jumpe.there were toooooo much to story mory about our life that kalo bg 1 hari suntuk pun mmg x cukup.too much to tell,too much to share..Its like we havent seen each other for years!!

Luv u girlsssss!