Saturday, May 02, 2009

Everyday Bag

Well i know most of the ladies have not just one bag(or handbag) to be used.Not me.Some even categorized those bags for certain ocassion or outing.Like shopping,function,day out,night out..etc.

Same like me.After using my white Zara bag,i realized its just not the right bag for everyday use.2 main reasons.

1)The oversize factors make me want to put EVERYTHING in it.make it hard for me to reach my crucial item when in need for example car key and handphone.(it doest have any compartment outside)

2)The colour.The bag has only been worn a week but it looks like a year.There's stain all it food stain,dust,sweat,some coloured items that transfer all type of color to my bag.

So i decided to have a new everyday bag.

Its from T-Joue Boutique.Very durable,sinthetic PU leather and soft luxurious feel.It comes with a right size and color!

Upon purchase im entitled to hold their membership card!so i get discount for my future shopping!

In the card i noticed that they do have a i browsed around and the bag its actually on sale online!arrrghhhh..if only i knew...well its ok.dah beli pun.and i did browse for their other this:

It also come in brown colour!

It all comes in a very affordable price!so girl come on!click here take a look for yourself.Or u can go to Midvalley to check it out yourself.