Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Valiram Group Clearance Sale

I just received this email...

Anyone going??from my fav shopaholic's blog Miu..she went to last year's sale..u can refer to her blog for more information..u can get the picture la how this year punye sale gonna be like..

Ok girls..good luck!!!

(Sbnrnye sdang menahan diri dr pg ni..ooohhh sabar jela)



Owner of The Blog said...

Dont bother go. Valiram paling kedekut when it comes to sale. 70% are the ugly/dirty ones... the good ones are 10%-20% off from retail price

MyNewJourney said...

yeke yang..hehe.mmg x pg pon..blk kampong daa..tulaa kalo pg pun msti frust jeek