Monday, April 06, 2009

Suddenly i LOVE Monday morning!!!!

Hi girls!

Today i woke up with excitement...


Hehe..nothing's just that for these 3 days(Mon-Wed) me and my collegues will be attending an Induction for those who just joined the company.Its compulsary for all the staff to attend it within 90 days from the day of dont have to go to training!!Yahoooooo.

Im not going to story-mory about the Induction's Program...

Just wanna tell u all i feel like oh-sunshine-shining-on-my-face-this-morning kinda feeling..huhuhu

And i snapped some pics..mcm buang tebiat plak..ah lantakla..janji happy..

Excuse the blur aaaa..its the sunshine..huahauhua

Kalo nak tahu..inilah salah satu baju saya sempat beli during my trip tuu..(ok2 i know..i havent upload my pics and my story..nnti2la yee)

Saye sukeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..



zila ziman said...

shentek! luv your shiny new dress..luv your new template as well..luv sume2 la..

MyNewJourney said...

huahuahua..kembangnye sayeeeee..tochey tochey