Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shopping Spree

Heh..its not what u think..

Not really a shopping extravaganza laa..

Just buying something that i really need for my daily use..

On the day of my last induction..me and some of my collegues had our after-work-outing in KLCC.I already had what to buy in mind..handbag that i can practically use for my day routine..few tops to work and everyday use also can..and maaaaaaybe a pair of shoes..huhu

As we were walking around KLCC trying to find what to buy..we just stopped by LV la..heheh..saje nk berangan kejap..to look at my dream bag..

Can u guess???

Hehe..i bet everyone knows laaaa...its the Mini Lin Speedy 30.Been eyeing this since forever man!hahahha..Kalo ikutkan hati dan nafsu dah ku swipe saje biar puas hati..huhuu..but came to think of it a hundredth times...i think..that can wait..banyak lg bende lain nk beli.i know some can own it just by asking their parents or boyfren or maybe someone whose salary is 5 times than mine..then that one can laaaa..name pun dream bag kan?As for me..im not that lucky..but i guess im lucky enough to be in the position where i can still choose what i want to wear according to my affordability..how to wear it..things like that..

Maybe kalo rezeki murah i would be able to get my hands on that handbag..who knows???jeng jeng jeng..InsyaAllah


So i get this instead....From Zara

From the size u can tell why i opted for it..its very roomy(can put all my stuff in it..abesla aku confirm pasni sume nk letak dalam beg),light,very casual..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..

The material its oooohh so sooooooooo soft..its 100% polyurethane..(only god knows what it is)..how i was hoping its made from real leather..then wonder how much plak its gonna cost..its ok..anyway its perfect for my outing,working and travelling..and alsoooo

Its a perfect match for my lovely EasySpirit wedges in white!!!! (which i just bought also!!)

OOOhhh i love putting it on !!!

One more pair of shoes i got for myself..perfect for my office work attire.I really2 hv problems now with my feet..hv pain all over..it must have been bcoz of the long usage of high heel and high wedges.But this shoes really solves it..it's really really really comfy u know..look at the bow reminds me of Anya Hindmarch or Salvatore Feragammo shoes..heheh but this is not..of koslaa..(manyak mahal woo itu kasut)..These are from Bata.

Errr..one more

This red top is from Zara also..if u guys notice in my previous post i put a few of my pics trying this but it was in dirty yellow colour.(dah pakai pg keje dah!!!huhu)

p/s: go here to see the i wore the yellow color one

At last but not east..

Zara black pants

(i also need in brown,white,grey,and red..xpe..beli satu2)

Fuuhhh..that's it..itupun rasa mcm x cukup je n kalo blh nk beli lg..tp i must spend wise.think b4 i buy.skarang ekonomi x menentu..dont know what will happen in 1 or 2 months time.better go slow n low first.hehe..

Hmm..my next will be handphone..a new one..to replace the one that i currently have..walaupun yg lama sgt murah dan x ade value(bak kata org baling anjing pon anjing blh mati) serta xde function ape pon..namun hp inilah yg banyak bbakti spanjang hidup die..

Actually dah ade few in my minds..but gotta stop now..mata dah pedih2.ngantuk somemore.bsok ade test lagik.system test plak tu..mampos aku.confirm fail.tp xpe.think positive.

Yelah tu.bsok hentam sajelah

Nite..muah mmuah

p/s:Pics of LV Mini Lin handbags are from Yahoo



zila ziman said...

suke wedges kamu..bcos i like everything white kot..bias disitu..
speedy tu leh claim hantaran nnti...:)

Emosi Itu Boleh Kerna Aku Manusia said...

kaya yer skrg....makan hati...