Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Treat!

Hi Girls!

After i wrote that frustating post previously..i decided to give myself a "little" treat..he

Its just one of my way to "de-stress" myself of hard day of work.

I went to Pavillion the other day after work..with my officemate..did not intend to buy anything,

But i just knew where to head once i step my feet into Pavillion

Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!

Its the only boutique in Malaysia(in KLCC only have Marc Jacobs that carry the main line)

Actually i wanted to take a closer look into one of my fav bag(notice my dream bag post?)..Totally Turnlock Faridah Hobo..Just want to make last decision.

I was "this" close to buy the bag online where they got more colors and with cheaper price too(even after shipping)..i was thinking of denim color by the way..

But once i looked at the bag personally..i was soo grateful that i didnt buy it..

Its not really how it looks "in" the website tho..

I was thinking that the bag is slightly smaller with a very chick and elegant look..

But...its not

It is rather bigger..bulkier and..mmmm senang crite saya x berkenan lah.

No offense for this bag's fan ok..but its just my opinion..

So i had my eyes on something else then.

The wallet

I've always wanted to change my wallet since few months ago..

And guess which one caught my eye?????

In Saffron color..Ohhh sooooo nice that i told myself if i didnt get it that time i would regret.hehhe

And so i did!

The Boutique Assistant told me that it only arrived a few days ago..

And mine is the last they have..

Ahhh x kesahlah..janji aku sukaaaaaa

So i guess my next search is to be focused on handbag only..



Puan ALeya said...

hai dilla...dlm gambar mmg cantik kan turnlock faridah hobo tu...tapi in real tak ek?...hehe...

nanti dah beli handbag baru,tunjuk kat sini yer..:-D...

- z L a - said...

slalu mmg camtu..bab handbags ni i dun really trust onlie shops la..even though it's way much cheaper, but then kena tgk depan mata dulu baru bleh tau cantik ke x bebenornye..btw, retail theraphy is the best, no doubt on that..

Yunizawaty Yusof said...

Dila..nice much is that???really shopaholic now gaji ribu2 lah nie...

Dila@Dalila said... the way mmg frust gak bila tgk faridah hobo tu in reallife..mmg besar..4 segi gitu.i dah try dah.well..xpe.heheh..u know what i had in mind??..Cole Haan

zla:ohhh..yess..saat2 yg paling bahagia bile berjaya beli satu2 brg kan zila?

yun:hhehe..harga die??mmmm xdela mahal pun.x sampai seribu..u minat ke?boleh tahan jgakla nafsu mmbeli-belah sejak due menjak ni.. :..hehe u pun ape kurangnye..u pun shopaholic jgak cik yun oii