Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Gadget (Self Treat Version 2)

Cant wait to tell u all this!!!

Its time for a new handphone!!!

Well first my choice of course would either be :

(The pic down here shows Blackberry Bold)

Its a wireless handheld device that provides access to email, corporate data, phone, web, and organizer features

Since Sophie Kinsella introduced me to the world of Blackberry in one of her shopaholic novels
(i can't remember which one).
It gave me the urge to own one..i mean its not only u got something that give u the access of what u need..but u got a chance to do it with style!heheh..U can read more about this phone here.

or the new I-Phone..

If u guys notice lately there's a commercial of this new I-Phone collaboration with Maxis...I was soooo interested about I-Phone..well to be honest 1 or 2 years ago i was not keen of owing one bcoz to me the price at that time was ridiculous.The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush of multi touch screen and a minimal hardware interface.But among the functions that attract me is that the device does not have a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered on the touch screen instead.

Ahhhh...and one more..Its from Nokia..but its not launched in Malaysia yet..

Its the Nokia haaa

And last but not least...

Sony Ericsson Experia

After finalizing and taking some crucial factors into considerations(especially the price!) finally i get my hands on this instead...

And the winner is....

Nokia E71.

Hehhee..i love it..i just do.After all those phones shown above are a little bit too pricey lah..

At last! A new handphone for myself!



Pompuan Emosi said...

alamak baru nak hasut beli BB curve.
bleh geng dgn aku :p

E71 pun ok gak..

Yunizawaty Yusof said...

Hahahaha...same phone Lorrr..

MyNewJourney said...

Suen:elehhh cik suen...tak ajak awal2..kalo x blh saya kumpul duit dulu..huhu

Yun:Kite nikan dari dulu ade yg ckp muke cam mesti akan ade yg same gak kan?jgn laki pun same sudah..hikhik