Saturday, April 25, 2009



How i miss my blog..

Its been so long since i last wrote here.(ade dlm seminggu camtu kot?)

Banyak nk cerita..banyak nk kongsi


Its gonna be along one!

Took my first job on floor yesterday.. was a disaster!!!!!

dont need to comment anymore..buat sakit hati je..but i know i can do better than this.

My first mentor plak...OMG!i dont know whats wrong with her on that particular day on that particular time!and i was the unluckiest one to be assigned to be with her!

She was such a snobbish and unfriendly as a person could be!

Aku dtg2 je die buat bodo..when i said:

"Hi, here for listening in"

U know what she said??

"What r u waiting for?Grab a chair laa"(She just looked at me for a moment and then she just continued her work)

And then i asked again

"Can i just grab any chair?"(sbb ade few kerusi kt situ yg xde bertuan)

She said nothing...

SO aku pun dgn terkedek-kedeknye pg la cari krusi lain and duduk kt sebelah die

After that i wanted to connect my phonewire to her phone but since she was so busy i didnt want to disturb her..tunggu je la bile die dah rilex sket..then..

"U're waiting for red carpet is it to put that thing?"

I was like....fuuhhhhh minah ni..ko ni KENAPE!!!!!!!

But i just said

"No..i didnt want to disturb u just now"

Pastu die wat mukee..

Throughout the mentoring session i was dying to wait for it to end.Its like a nightmare to me.
Aku x taula die ni PMS ke..gaduh ngn bf ke..kene marah ngn bos ke..but me myself wont treat someone especially when u're meeting her for the first time.. like that.

Its is such common thing la babe!

Ko betul2 dah menyepoilkan mood aku nk keje kt situ dowwhhhh

But..what to do..i've signed the 6-month bond contract with them..SHIT!

Dear mentor yg menyakitkan hati...

Aku x kire la kalo time tu ko badmood kaaaa..sakit senggugot kaaaa..sakit kepala kaaa..

But it doesnt u gv u the reason to de-motivate me and throw your TANTRUM at me!

As a senior u should be giving good example and guidance to newbies like me..not tear my confidence down!

And one last thing..ko la penyebab aku berazam nk mencari keje lain..

Ko la penyebab aku rase nk stop datang keje pada keesokan harinye..

Ko la penyebab aku tibe2 rajin mengupdate blk resume ako..

Ko la penyebab aku tibe2 rajin menyelak halaman Vacancy in Government Sector.

Ko la penyebab aku asyik moody je ngn bf akooo..

Ko la penyebab aku fail Procedure Test akooooooooo..x psl2 aku kene repeat blk..nasib baik lulus.fuhhhh.

Sekian.Terima kasih


- z L a - said...

agaknye..ur mentor ni andartu'el nye cam category spesis camtu jer