Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Mail From Someone..

I received this email from my work email in office few weeks back..

Hi Dalila,

Ur blog was so interesting.I read uni life story and ur personal life.Well everybody has ups and down.so don worry much.anyway wotever experience that u hv or went thru it is gud cause now u suffer and in the future u will be deem to hv gud life.so all the best to u and enjoy life to the fullest.dont live for people but live for urself.look into the future not look back the past.i understand wat u mean when u said u had financial problem n so on.cause i went thru as well.if i would to tell u all this i might get emotional.if ever i got the opportunity then i shall share it with u ok.guess we r on the same boat too.

All the best to u hv wonderful day ahead

Irene Yong

It turned out that she's one of my colleague..im glad she finds it that we hv something in common from my blog and took the effort to read it..

it's life anyway..like it or not we still have to go thru it..but im grateful that along the way i hv everybody i need to be with me..life's never a bed of roses but if u can find the way to live thru all the thorns..u will survive..that's what i've been holding for the past 26 years..

So Irene..let's put up our head high and aim for the best!!..

But again its sooooo sweet of u to send me the email..

That's all for now..u know u'll love me..