Sunday, April 12, 2009

Internet oooo Internet

Just got back from my kampung..Temerloh Pahang

It was a tiring journey..even only for 2 & 1/2 hour.I guess it's bcoz i took a 2 hour nap bfore the journey.

We blk kampung bcoz needed to send back my grandma..she's been staying with us for a week.

Im thinking of updating my blog but the internet is soo *^^&%^(()()#$@#@#%

it took me like 15 minutes just to go from 1 page to another..

Dont know laa..whether its the weather..or the broadband itself (im using P1 WIMAX by the way)

Really really killed my mood la for the nite..

I guess i just write more next time many things to share..things i've bought in Bandung,my shopping spree last week,how's my work getting love life.. time aaa..




Miu said...

hi hi, did u change your blog layout? it looks different to me.. hmmm i like it... !!!

err.. or is it i forgotten this was your original layout?

dun forget update about your bandung trip!