Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ini Kereta ke Lori Sampah?


A few days ago i managed to find time to "defragmenting" the backseat of my car..

Ooohhh u shouldnt really look at this.. (but im gonna show u anyway)


Then barula perasan this pair of shoes i bought a few weeks ago..(remember my "Another Pair of Shoes?" post?

Hidden between my pile of sampah and sarap in the car..

Now i remember something about this pair of shoes..I bought it in Alamanda Purajaya..its my first Aldo shoes..And i did try it for the first time at work..Oh my God i tell u!..its horrible..the pain is undescribable!Dont get me wrong..im not blaming the shoes tho..its my feet..i always hv problem with shoes with narrow front.Since i have a very wide feet especially the front part i keep having problems to find a shoes that is comfy..too bad

Now i have to bring them back to Aldo to be expanded



Pompuan Emosi said...

huhu. sejak dulu lagi, keta ko ada rupa mcm rumah ko :p try to de-clutter weekly. more stuffs in the car means more petrol, tau :)

MyNewJourney said...

hehhe..amboi.bile mase plak kete aku mcm umah aku.ko tu mcm la pnh dtg pon..busy memanjang

Cutie Pie Lulabi said...


ur blog is cuteee..
i suke la kasut ni..
what is the price?
ade warna hitam x? hehehehe (byk tanye lak..sorry)

MyNewJourney said...

ade diskaun.x silap harga around rm200++ after less..hitam ade,coklat pun ade.ikutkan hati nk borong sume..huhu but i already hv black shoes,n coklat plak my fren kata mcm org tua..so i sttle for that colorla..kaler ape tu ek?no t fushcia kan?purple jelaaaa