Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Pair of Shoes?


Come here..

I "accidentally" bought another pair of shoes..

I dont know whether i should be happier(bcos im on my way fulfilling my 2nd wish list..hmmm) or.....scold myself for not obeying my words not to spend least not this month(errr..did i really really say that?)

Ohh whatever it is..i love that pair of newbies..cant wait to put them among their other "friends"

Not gonna show u all now..

Not yet..

That can wait..

p/s:my sis seriously asked me to go watch shopaholic..she said the movie is "my type of movie"..yeah yeahh.tomorrow i'll go.



mas azMAn said...

kasut baru lagi ke akak for god sake? u havent watch that shopoholic muvie!!!
u r sooo 2003 babe

Dila@Dalila said...

dh tgk dah..huhu