Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Quote of The Day

"I hate my job"

Hidup Tun!

Hi Girls....

Just a quick one..still remember who is this?

He's our former Prime Minister,Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.I was sooooooo excited that i could get the chance to take picture with him.Me and my mum were in Mines Shopping Complex last week to window shop and suddenly i saw this huge crowd in front of the textile store which where i was.I didnt miss the opportunity to shake hands with him and snapped a picture.Nasib baiklah ade sorang young lady yg keje kt situ yg blh dijadikan mangsa utk tlg tangkapkan gamba..hehehe


Ini Kereta ke Lori Sampah?


A few days ago i managed to find time to "defragmenting" the backseat of my car..

Ooohhh u shouldnt really look at this.. (but im gonna show u anyway)


Then barula perasan this pair of shoes i bought a few weeks ago..(remember my "Another Pair of Shoes?" post?

Hidden between my pile of sampah and sarap in the car..

Now i remember something about this pair of shoes..I bought it in Alamanda Purajaya..its my first Aldo shoes..And i did try it for the first time at work..Oh my God i tell u!..its horrible..the pain is undescribable!Dont get me wrong..im not blaming the shoes tho..its my feet..i always hv problem with shoes with narrow front.Since i have a very wide feet especially the front part i keep having problems to find a shoes that is comfy..too bad

Now i have to bring them back to Aldo to be expanded


Happy Birthday My Dear Frens!

Ooohh bersalahnye rasa diri ini..

My best frens punye bday pun bole lupe..apelaaa

Its not that i intend to..yelaa..dah dok jauh terasing dari kwn2 ni..biasela..banyak bende x ter'update'..

Happy Birthday to my frens:

Ana @Cinta



(If only we can celebrate like we used to)

Ohh i miss u guys so much!nanti2 bile free kite lepak2 lagi ye...like old daysss..huhu


Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Gadget (Self Treat Version 2)

Cant wait to tell u all this!!!

Its time for a new handphone!!!

Well first my choice of course would either be :

(The pic down here shows Blackberry Bold)

Its a wireless handheld device that provides access to email, corporate data, phone, web, and organizer features

Since Sophie Kinsella introduced me to the world of Blackberry in one of her shopaholic novels
(i can't remember which one).
It gave me the urge to own one..i mean its not only u got something that give u the access of what u need..but u got a chance to do it with style!heheh..U can read more about this phone here.

or the new I-Phone..

If u guys notice lately there's a commercial of this new I-Phone collaboration with Maxis...I was soooo interested about I-Phone..well to be honest 1 or 2 years ago i was not keen of owing one bcoz to me the price at that time was ridiculous.The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush of multi touch screen and a minimal hardware interface.But among the functions that attract me is that the device does not have a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered on the touch screen instead.

Ahhhh...and one more..Its from Nokia..but its not launched in Malaysia yet..

Its the Nokia E75..cool haaa

And last but not least...

Sony Ericsson Experia

After finalizing and taking some crucial factors into considerations(especially the price!) finally i get my hands on this instead...

And the winner is....

Nokia E71.

Hehhee..i love it..i just do.After all those phones shown above are a little bit too pricey lah..

At last! A new handphone for myself!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Treat!

Hi Girls!

After i wrote that frustating post previously..i decided to give myself a "little" treat..he

Its just one of my way to "de-stress" myself of hard day of work.

I went to Pavillion the other day after work..with my officemate..did not intend to buy anything,

But i just knew where to head once i step my feet into Pavillion

Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!

Its the only boutique in Malaysia(in KLCC only have Marc Jacobs that carry the main line)

Actually i wanted to take a closer look into one of my fav bag(notice my dream bag post?)..Totally Turnlock Faridah Hobo..Just want to make last decision.

I was "this" close to buy the bag online where they got more colors and with cheaper price too(even after shipping)..i was thinking of denim color by the way..

But once i looked at the bag personally..i was soo grateful that i didnt buy it..

Its not really how it looks "in" the website tho..

I was thinking that the bag is slightly smaller with a very chick and elegant look..

But...its not

It is rather bigger..bulkier and..mmmm senang crite saya x berkenan lah.

No offense for this bag's fan ok..but its just my opinion..

So i had my eyes on something else then.

The wallet

I've always wanted to change my wallet since few months ago..

And guess which one caught my eye?????

In Saffron color..Ohhh sooooo nice that i told myself if i didnt get it that time i would regret.hehhe

And so i did!

The Boutique Assistant told me that it only arrived a few days ago..

And mine is the last they have..

Ahhh x kesahlah..janji aku sukaaaaaa

So i guess my next search is to be focused on handbag only..




How i miss my blog..

Its been so long since i last wrote here.(ade dlm seminggu camtu kot?)

Banyak nk cerita..banyak nk kongsi


Its gonna be along one!

Took my first job on floor yesterday..

warghhhhh..it was a disaster!!!!!

dont need to comment anymore..buat sakit hati je..but i know i can do better than this.

My first mentor plak...OMG!i dont know whats wrong with her on that particular day on that particular time!and i was the unluckiest one to be assigned to be with her!

She was such a snobbish and unfriendly as a person could be!

Aku dtg2 je die buat bodo..when i said:

"Hi,morning.im here for listening in"

U know what she said??

"What r u waiting for?Grab a chair laa"(She just looked at me for a moment and then she just continued her work)

And then i asked again

"Can i just grab any chair?"(sbb ade few kerusi kt situ yg xde bertuan)

She said nothing...

SO aku pun dgn terkedek-kedeknye pg la cari krusi lain and duduk kt sebelah die

After that i wanted to connect my phonewire to her phone but since she was so busy i didnt want to disturb her..tunggu je la bile die dah rilex sket..then..

"U're waiting for red carpet is it to put that thing?"

I was like....fuuhhhhh minah ni..ko ni KENAPE!!!!!!!

But i just said

"No..i didnt want to disturb u just now"

Pastu die wat mukee..

Throughout the mentoring session i was dying to wait for it to end.Its like a nightmare to me.
Aku x taula die ni PMS ke..gaduh ngn bf ke..kene marah ngn bos ke..but me myself wont treat someone especially when u're meeting her for the first time.. like that.

Its is such common thing la babe!

Ko betul2 dah menyepoilkan mood aku nk keje kt situ dowwhhhh

But..what to do..i've signed the 6-month bond contract with them..SHIT!

Dear mentor yg menyakitkan hati...

Aku x kire la kalo time tu ko badmood kaaaa..sakit senggugot kaaaa..sakit kepala kaaa..

But it doesnt u gv u the reason to de-motivate me and throw your TANTRUM at me!

As a senior u should be giving good example and guidance to newbies like me..not tear my confidence down!

And one last thing..ko la penyebab aku berazam nk mencari keje lain..

Ko la penyebab aku rase nk stop datang keje pada keesokan harinye..

Ko la penyebab aku tibe2 rajin mengupdate blk resume ako..

Ko la penyebab aku tibe2 rajin menyelak halaman Vacancy in Government Sector.

Ko la penyebab aku asyik moody je ngn bf akooo..

Ko la penyebab aku fail Procedure Test akooooooooo..x psl2 aku kene repeat blk..nasib baik lulus.fuhhhh.

Sekian.Terima kasih

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Pair of Shoes?


Come here..

I "accidentally" bought another pair of shoes..

I dont know whether i should be happier(bcos im on my way fulfilling my 2nd wish list..hmmm) or.....scold myself for not obeying my words not to spend anymore..at least not this month(errr..did i really really say that?)

Ohh whatever it is..i love that pair of newbies..cant wait to put them among their other "friends"

Not gonna show u all now..

Not yet..

That can wait..

p/s:my sis seriously asked me to go watch shopaholic..she said the movie is "my type of movie"..yeah yeahh.tomorrow i'll go.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dgn izin tuhan..my BF's car has been found at last..

Bsyukur sgt2...

Skrg in the middle nk settlekan sume dokumen2 yg dperlukan utk tuntut kereta tu kt mahkamah..

But unfortunately all the stuffs including laptop,some clothes,paperwork and hp mmg dah ilek

But..still consider cukup bagus dpt kete blk pun.

Im so happy for him..

Tuhan bg org yg curik tu skejap je masa nak berdondang syg ngn kete tu..

Anyway alhamdulillah skali lg..


I Luvvvv This!

Been listening to this since forever..i know this is not-on-top-of-the-chart-now-song.but i just lov it..its so sweeeeeeeeeet


Click here to listen to the song


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What im craving for...

Besides LV Speedy Mini Lin that is one of my "dream bag"...i also have some other in mind..

Celine Boston Frame Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Faridah Hobo in Cranberry

Anya Hindmarch Brando Bag

Jimmy Choo Saba Leather Bag


MBMJ Flap Clutch Foldover Wallet



I received these images in my inbox a few weeks ago.Mule2 mcm malas nk bukak emel2 foward ni.kadang2 tu tah hape2 merapek aje..tp at last bukak jgkla.Bile dah tgk...Oooo soooooo cute laaa.

It came with a subject:

"Bukannye manusia je ade masalah berat badan"

Mesti ade yg dah pernah dptkan?Comel kan?But im not sure whether it's real or super-impose or photoshop or whatever.

What do u think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updates pls!!!

Can anyone update me on Valiram punye sale????ooooh really want to know how was it..

I want to hear ur story..what u bought,hows the crowd..who came..


Till then

p/s:To Miu..Bandung update hv to wait la yang..pics x dpt lg..


A Mail From Someone..

I received this email from my work email in office few weeks back..

Hi Dalila,

Ur blog was so interesting.I read uni life story and ur personal life.Well everybody has ups and down.so don worry much.anyway wotever experience that u hv or went thru it is gud cause now u suffer and in the future u will be deem to hv gud life.so all the best to u and enjoy life to the fullest.dont live for people but live for urself.look into the future not look back the past.i understand wat u mean when u said u had financial problem n so on.cause i went thru as well.if i would to tell u all this i might get emotional.if ever i got the opportunity then i shall share it with u ok.guess we r on the same boat too.

All the best to u hv wonderful day ahead

Irene Yong

It turned out that she's one of my colleague..im glad she finds it that we hv something in common from my blog and took the effort to read it..

it's life anyway..like it or not we still have to go thru it..but im grateful that along the way i hv everybody i need to be with me..life's never a bed of roses but if u can find the way to live thru all the thorns..u will survive..that's what i've been holding for the past 26 years..

So Irene..let's put up our head high and aim for the best!!..

But again its sooooo sweet of u to send me the email..

That's all for now..u know u'll love me..


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Internet oooo Internet

Just got back from my kampung..Temerloh Pahang

It was a tiring journey..even only for 2 & 1/2 hour.I guess it's bcoz i took a 2 hour nap bfore the journey.

We blk kampung bcoz needed to send back my grandma..she's been staying with us for a week.

Im thinking of updating my blog but the internet is soo *^^&%^(()()#$@#@#%

it took me like 15 minutes just to go from 1 page to another..

Dont know laa..whether its the weather..or the broadband itself (im using P1 WIMAX by the way)

Really really killed my mood la for the nite..

I guess i just write more next time lah..so many things to share..things i've bought in Bandung,my shopping spree last week,how's my work getting on..my life..my love life..

Aiisshhhh..next time aaa..



Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shopping Spree

Heh..its not what u think..

Not really a shopping extravaganza laa..

Just buying something that i really need for my daily use..

On the day of my last induction..me and some of my collegues had our after-work-outing in KLCC.I already had what to buy in mind..handbag that i can practically use for my day routine..few tops to work and everyday use also can..and maaaaaaybe a pair of shoes..huhu

As we were walking around KLCC trying to find what to buy..we just stopped by LV la..heheh..saje nk berangan kejap..to look at my dream bag..

Can u guess???

Hehe..i bet everyone knows laaaa...its the Mini Lin Speedy 30.Been eyeing this since forever man!hahahha..Kalo ikutkan hati dan nafsu dah ku swipe saje biar puas hati..huhuu..but came to think of it a hundredth times...i think..that can wait..banyak lg bende lain nk beli.i know some can own it just by asking their parents or boyfren or maybe someone whose salary is 5 times than mine..then that one can laaaa..name pun dream bag kan?As for me..im not that lucky..but i guess im lucky enough to be in the position where i can still choose what i want to wear according to my affordability..how to wear it..things like that..

Maybe kalo rezeki murah i would be able to get my hands on that handbag..who knows???jeng jeng jeng..InsyaAllah


So i get this instead....From Zara

From the size u can tell why i opted for it..its very roomy(can put all my stuff in it..abesla aku confirm pasni sume nk letak dalam beg),light,very casual..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..

The material its oooohh so sooooooooo soft..its 100% polyurethane..(only god knows what it is)..how i was hoping its made from real leather..then wonder how much plak its gonna cost..its ok..anyway its perfect for my outing,working and travelling..and alsoooo

Its a perfect match for my lovely EasySpirit wedges in white!!!! (which i just bought also!!)

OOOhhh i love putting it on !!!

One more pair of shoes i got for myself..perfect for my office work attire.I really2 hv problems now with my feet..hv pain all over..it must have been bcoz of the long usage of high heel and high wedges.But this shoes really solves it..it's really really really comfy u know..look at the bow reminds me of Anya Hindmarch or Salvatore Feragammo shoes..heheh but this is not..of koslaa..(manyak mahal woo itu kasut)..These are from Bata.

Errr..one more

This red top is from Zara also..if u guys notice in my previous post i put a few of my pics trying this but it was in dirty yellow colour.(dah pakai pg keje dah!!!huhu)

p/s: go here to see the i wore the yellow color one

At last but not east..

Zara black pants

(i also need in brown,white,grey,and red..xpe..beli satu2)

Fuuhhh..that's it..itupun rasa mcm x cukup je n kalo blh nk beli lg..tp i must spend wise.think b4 i buy.skarang ekonomi x menentu..dont know what will happen in 1 or 2 months time.better go slow n low first.hehe..

Hmm..my next will be handphone..a new one..to replace the one that i currently have..walaupun yg lama sgt murah dan x ade value(bak kata org baling anjing pon anjing blh mati) serta xde function ape pon..namun hp inilah yg banyak bbakti spanjang hidup die..

Actually dah ade few in my minds..but gotta stop now..mata dah pedih2.ngantuk somemore.bsok ade test lagik.system test plak tu..mampos aku.confirm fail.tp xpe.think positive.

Yelah tu.bsok hentam sajelah

Nite..muah mmuah

p/s:Pics of LV Mini Lin handbags are from Yahoo


Valiram Group Clearance Sale

I just received this email...

Anyone going??from my fav shopaholic's blog Miu..she went to last year's sale..u can refer to her blog for more information..u can get the picture la how this year punye sale gonna be like..

Ok girls..good luck!!!

(Sbnrnye sdang menahan diri dr pg ni..ooohhh sabar jela)


Monday, April 06, 2009

Suddenly i LOVE Monday morning!!!!

Hi girls!

Today i woke up with excitement...


Hehe..nothing specific..it's just that for these 3 days(Mon-Wed) me and my collegues will be attending an Induction for those who just joined the company.Its compulsary for all the staff to attend it within 90 days from the day of employment..so dont have to go to training!!Yahoooooo.

Im not going to story-mory about the Induction's Program...

Just wanna tell u all i feel like oh-sunshine-shining-on-my-face-this-morning kinda feeling..huhuhu

And i snapped some pics..mcm buang tebiat plak..ah lantakla..janji happy..

Excuse the blur aaaa..its the sunshine..huahauhua

Kalo nak tahu..inilah salah satu baju saya sempat beli during my trip tuu..(ok2 i know..i havent upload my pics and my story..nnti2la yee)

Saye sukeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..


Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Lazy Me..

Before i went for my trip...

All my clothes and toilettries and towels and shoes are nicely packed in my luggage..

After i got back....

Even till NOW...at this very moment i still havent unpacked my stuff yet..OMG cik Dila..Plsla get ur lazy ass back to work...skrg ni mcm musim bermalas2an la plak.Termasukla utk meng'update' my dearest blog..oklah kene titon awal..bsok ade induction plak kt Menara OCBC..strictly no latecomers..huhuu..that's all for now girlsssssss.



Managed to get in touch with him...at lassssst.i know u guys must be thinking "Boyfriend ape x ingat no gf?"

Its ok..i already marah him..hehhe..

But he said its a lesson learnt..skrg die dah hafal no phone akooo..huuhu..

But ape2 pun..i feel soooo sorry for him..atas kejadian yg menimpa die..

Td pun dah kuar tgk wayang cite "Race To Witch Mountain"..itu je yg available..

And passed him something i bought for him and his mother..

T-shirts for him and telekung for his mother

Dahla..ngantok..besok2 sambung lg..nite


Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Ultimate Lost

Just got back from Bandung...

It was a tiring yet a meaningful experience for me.snapped a lotttta pics.but couldnt get myself to upload it yet.at least not now.hove tons of work to be done.my dirty clothes,arranging stuff tha i bought,my notes for test(as im writing this i already did my Product Test this afternoon..it was a tricky one)

But what hurt me the most...

I havent spoken to my B for 5 daysss!!!!

And when i tried to contact him while i was in Bandung..someone else was possesing the phone.The "MF" crazy guy just spoke nonsense and pretended that he was Mr NAZ(eleh..mcmla aku x kenal suara bf aku cmne)..sungguh aku x bpuas hati..lantas ku cuba lg..org gile yg sama yg mnjawap phone..

And at last i stopped trying and decided to try again once i get back to Malaysia.

Still not managed to talk to Mr NAZ..

And when i checked my email...

"b..i ni..fone i hilang.keta n laptop pun hilang.kalau ade org msg u tu bukan i..call my hse no or bg fone no u..bye"

And one more...

" hope u get this msg..i tgh cari org yg curi brg2 i tu..i swear to god im gonna beat the hel out of him if i caught him.dia tgh pakai fone i n tg msg2 dgn no yg dlm tu..u jage diri u elok2 dila.bye"

I was like...."WTF!!!!!"

Jahatnye org tu..dahla curi brg org..pastu blh suke hati mak bapak die gune phone bf akoooooo..

Tp bf aku ni pun satu..nombor aku pun die x hengat..and dlm emel he didnt gv me any number to call..(okay..i dont hv his fren's number as well but i remember his hp no)

So rite now...i'm waiting..waiting for his call.. *sigh*

Dont feel like writing about Bandung..perhaps next time ladies