Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What a Day (version 2.0-emonya sayaaa)


Today's meeting from 9am all the way to 2 pm..Dari presentation budak2 Master yg seramai 8 ke 9 org tu sampaaaaaila ke Group punya meeting..well..xpelah..itu satu hal..

Yang paling membuatkan ako bad mood sgt2 ni its bcoz me and Mr NAZ had a plan to meet 2day..nk tgk sgt "Slumdog Millionaire" la kononnyeee..kt Mid Valley..well last nite i told him that i willl sms him when to come because i have to wait for the meeting to finish really really hoping to seee him 2day bcos..ntahla..rindu kot.

It was 1 something..nearly to 2pm..when he said that its better that we meet 2morrow bcoz kalo jmpe harini pun cam rushing..i was....%^$%^$%#%(&

Well..thats need to elaborate more on my frustness and angerness (is it even the right word to use?)

Is he giving excuses no to see me???or am i too pushyy??(well,sometimes i hv this "pe'el yg kalo nak satu2 bende tu..kalo ble nak time2 tu jgak..and did ugut him kalo besok je blh jmpe baik xyah)

Tp apa2 pun..hari ni pg check gak kat website wayang besok kul bpe..(just in case)



Pompuan Emosi said...

'frustration' and 'anger' will do, my dear :)

We women, by nature, are prone to worry much about their relationship, sometimes can be seen as paranoia, that might just cause us lose sight of happiness that is right in front of us.

Maybe what we should do is to stop for a second and listen what men have to say. Sometimes their rationality can balance our emotionality :)

z L a said...

Sabarlah yang..i pun mcm u jugak..if nk time tu, time tu jugakla..but since dh jauh from partner ni dh cool skit..or maybe sbb dh tua kot..:(

Dila@Dalila said...

pompuan emosi: hehe..thanks kerana sudi mmbetulkan vocab saya...saya bukan ape..dahla susah nk jmpe..time blh jmpe mcm x bsungguh2 plak..(tibe2 terasa mcm nk mara blk)

zla: tua???eh tak2..bukan tua..matang

Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

period ke uols???