Friday, March 06, 2009

Thank you Mr NAZ!!!

Mr NAZ stands for Nik Ahmad Zharif in case if you're wondering..

On Thursday we went to Mid Valley for Slumdog Millionaire..finally at last we got to watch the Academy Oscar winner movie..mmm..cite die..oklah..mmg best jln citenye... tp sbb dah di overstatement kan oleh cik Mastura yg cite tu tersangatttla ktrg cam ade high expectation sketla..but mmgla cite tu best..lain sket dr yg lain..

After that..we wanted to find a place to eatlaaa..lapooooo

So Mr NAZ said that since he's not gonna be around on the day of my birthday (he''ll be going back to Penang..ade kenduri kawen sepupu die) he decided to treat me my birthday lunch..

Pusing punya pusing punya pusing..we went to Chili's

I like the ambience
..mcm kat bar ala2 western gitu..

Browsing thru the menu..

Mmmmm..yum yum

And this is what we ordered

Triple Play

Chocolate Shake

Salmon Grill with Butter and Garlic

And this is what i had..

Chicken Spaghetti(lame aite??aiiihh itu je yg nampak sedap di mata)

Huhuhu..after the lovely treat we took a chance to "jalan-jalan" around The Gardens..i never been there tho..but i realized its a lot nicer and modern than Pavilion (are u guys agree with me?)...because somehow i can see that the interior design and the building is kinda same but The Gardens have put more effort on the class and elegance aspect..But there's 1 thing that its lack of..the cinema..They have GSC but the number of movie they're showing is sooooooooooo reminds me of Alamanda tho..Im a movieholics(err..shopaholics..anyone???) so when it comes to watch movie here is definitely not the best option..i prefer Mid Valley then..

Hmmm..i definitely will come here more often for my "jalan-jalan" mood..



Miu said...

hi nice blog too! love the layout colours. U r making me hungry with the TGIF pictures!!!

Dila@Dalila said...

aaaahhh...nice haa??tq..anyway i know someday i would buy from u bcoz all of your offer are soooo irresistable laa darling..huahua