Friday, March 13, 2009

My Birthday Present (Version 2.0-Birthday Treat!!! )


Ini kesinambungan dari version 1.0..huhu..remember in my previous post i told u that i wanted to exhange the tote bag from FCUK..well..after almost an hour in FCUK Boutique one day after i received it from Mr NAZ..this is what i think worth of to replace..

From this...

To this...

Bootflare Jeans

I luv the stitching laaaa.

And this...

Juniper Blouse from 2008 AW Collection

Dont get me wrong..actually i really do like the tote sooo much..i like the material and the design..its not that im being choosy or picky about my own gift..but Mr NAZ himself said the bag is way too big for me and he agreed if i want to exchange it for other stuff..hihihii..thanks honeyyyy..u're the besttt!But i do really like my new jeans and top..


What i got for myself..

While Jalan-Jalan Cari Barang...

Lancome Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam

It also came with trial Beauty Lotion (or Toner) and Moisturizer

Well...i am soooo the fed up thinking about my "pimpled" face laaa...haiiiyoooo..tried soo many product but never "jalan" one..the reason i wanted to try Lancome because few days ago my sis came to our house and she said now she's using this brand and Ooooo my God i love what it does to my sis's face laaa..very the licin i was kinda terpengaruh and....u knowlaaa..terbeli la i considered this as a treat to myself laaaa

Previously i used AG-2000..its a good product but somehow i need to maintain on this eat-based product called Imunol from AG2000 jgak(no pic laa babe..sowi)..ia blh dikatakan berkesan la sket walaupun agak lambat tp what make me stop using it bcause its so mahal woooo..sebotol dah RM100++..tahan 2 minggu sebulan i hv to spend like RM200++ for the product alone..

But i just bought this..

AG2000 Facial Cleansing Foam (60ml) a week before i bought this Lancome Clarifying got still much left..and im thinking to sell this Ag2000 Facial Cleansing Foam with lower price.its still in good condition and i only used it like a week(see pic above)..i also will give 3 pack of this...

One Touch 3 in 1 Wet Puff...for FREE!!!!

If u would like to know more of this product click here

If u are interested in buying this from email me at negotiate later..dont worry..its original..bought it from the distributor..

And next....Sushi King treat!!!

On my last day working in UPM..Bernard si teman shoppingku telah sudi mmbelanja aku makan di Sushi King sempena 1)My belated birthday...2)Hari last bekerja di UPM

Actually dlm masa 2 bulan ni saje dah dekat 4 kali mkn kat sini...huhuhu..anyway thank u sooooooo much Mr Bernard!!!!!

Setelah perut kenyang....kami pun berjalan2...sempatla singgah window shopping...

Try this try last2 x beli..if u notice the 2nd pic this baju i alredy tried and post it in my previous last2 x beli jgak..mak dah miskin!!!

p/s: now waiting for hasfa's treat plak..hihihi

Thats all for now...