Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mane Wayangnye??

On Friday nite i went out with Mr NAZ..cadangnye nk tgk movie..its been quiet a while since our last movie..which i think was "Slumdog Millionaire"..

Nak dpt permission kuar from my parents..fuuhhh susah gakla..but at last dpt jgakla kuar tp time dah agak lewat which was about 10-ishh...mmg dah x sempat nk catch movie yg kul 9 something and its impossible nk tgk midnite..xkan nk blk lambat..

But we just went out KLCC..byt the time we reached there most of the shops dah tutup(yela retail kan from 10 to 10).. so we surveyed tiket wayang and yapp..i was more shows for that time..frust gak sbnrnye sbb plan nk tgk "The International" but its ok..perhaps next time..

To kill the time we just jln2 je kt area KLCC tuh..and something..caught my eye..

From Topshop
(x tau knp but i was standing there looking at this..i think its sooooo cute )

Then br aku prasan kat middle concourse tu ade Lancome punye event kt situ..maybe akan ade promotion on new product and free make over la kot..All the sets baru je siap agaknye..besok la tu eventnye..But the setting betul2 cantik and unik laah

Duta baru produk ni(heheh i loike)

I personally like this pic..(ktrg main suke hati je dok kt sofa putih ni..i bet its from IKEA)

Agak2 KLCC tu pun dah nk tutup...we went outside near the park..mmmm remind me masa zaman muda2 dulu..we used to date here..kat ngn air pancut tu..bfore he went to UK..well itu kisah lame..forget it Dila..
Pakcik ni lapa so time tu ktrg betul2 depan Dome laa jwpnyeee..

En Zharip ngn Cik Dila

And we had.....

Spicy Olio Pasta,Ice Chocolate and Apple Crush!!!!!
oooohhhh so yummm yummmm

So that's it...after that terus basically outing kali ni x buat ape2 melainkan makan sahaje..terasa mcm buat keje bodoh plak..errrr..oklaaa bukan bodo but mcm rugi sketlaaa sbb bukan senang nk kuar tgk next time we better be early...

That's all girls..

p/s: oooh can't wait to finish the rest of the Gosip Girl episode...i'll blog about it later