Thursday, March 05, 2009


Tepat pada hari dimana rakyat Malaysia menyambut Tahun Baru 2009..aku ade kisah sedih yg telah melanda..

I lost my beloved laptop(refer gambar di atas)

It was a Dell Inspiron 1420 in flamingo pink.I bought it in 2007

I went home after watching teater " Mamma Mia" with Mr NAZ on 31st of Dec 2008..

At that time it was already late..around 1 am (so considered dah new yearla)..

When i reached home, my housemate's fren was using it..first i tot i wanted to bring it to my room..(yelaa..nk dgr lagu ke,lyn dvd ke,tgk gambar ke)

Then xpelah..since die pun tgh gune..aku pun tidurla dgn nyenyaknyee..

Next morning, i woke up when my housemate called me saying why i kuar x tutup pintu..i was..whaaaaat?aku dok tgh sedap tido lg..

Then she said on her way out she saw our front gate was widely open..

Then suddenly a thought flashed thru my mind


When i went to the living wasnt there.Searched thoroughly around the sign of it..

That's it..end of story..

Izinkanla aku berkongsi gambar2 yg dicilok dr internet(i hv no real pic tho..never tot im gonna lost it)