Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

How do u feel when each year u are 1 year older? Is it the feeling of getting old which means your biological click is ticking very fast?or is it the feeling that u are reaching the time when u wanna settle down?or the feeling that u still cant get enough of life?

Whatever it is...this year..i feel different..

Being 26 this year reminds me of so many life, my work, my lovelife, my family, my ambition, what i've been thru all these years..people i've known..

Some people take life time to play always work hard hard hard

Some people take things for granted.."life's only once enjoy it while u can"..

Some people....they are a combination of these 2 above..yet they still can achieve certain level in their lives.

During my 7.5 years in UPM taught me a lottttttttttttttta things..

Some are nice to be heard..some are not...

And i've met frens..good frens..Even tho now i know some might have forgotten me already
(its ok..sob sob)

I was taught that life is not never will be...only the strong one will survive..

And never expect life is fair..bcos its not..and i'm used to it...

This year i decided to continue writing my blog bcos it helps me to refresh back my sweet and sour memory for the past years..i know i might not be able to remember it all..but some of them remains permanently no matter how long i've forgooten
..I've been thru hardtimes it emotionally,financially,pishycally, thank god i always had my frens and family to back me up..

Right now i'm dying so much for a change..

What kind of change??

Im not sure..

I want better life..better communication with the one i love..better appearance, better understanding of life itself and God,better ways to show people i love them, better job,better food to eat ( a foodholics too)..

Haihhh..i know im asking for too much..but the first thing i need to do is to improve myself first

1)better respect for my parents
2)pray 5 times a day
3)ganti puasa
4)work harder (asyik memonteng je)
5)treat Mr NAZ as a bf should be treated (jgn asyik majok je)
6)niat nk pakai tudung (insyallah..korang doa-doakan lah yee)
7)Kurangkan membazir (duit gaji ko bukannye banyak pon and mmbazir itu saudara
8)Once in a while do contact your frens (or bestfren)

errr..what else

My life 6 years ago...i can say it was a mess..i clubbed almost every weekend's nite..i liked to spend my night lepacking at mamak stalls or any coffeshop,flirting around..partying..i socialized with almost every level of people which kinda taught me how there are so many types of human in this least..."my world"..eventho i set my own limit while i'm socializing but that did not stop people to think bad of that time..i didnt give a damn..i didnt me i only wanted to have a good time with my girlfrens and as long as i did not bother anyone..i was fine with it..but somehow..along the way i can see some of my frens..they moved on..they took an effort to change their life..they opt for better option...they improvised..and yet they are still happy..or at least i think they are..

But now..i started to understand why...why im going thru my life the way i going thru it now..why some people think that im a bad person, why some people cant accept my lifestyle,my frens im hanging out with..It all just became soo clear to me that "u get what u give".. meaning if u lead your life the way it's not supposed to be..then u're up for the consequences..

So its time to change..if i have to crawl or climb slowly on a ladder..i will..if that what it takes for me to improve my life..saya redha..

I love my life..and all that it has to offer..

p/s:thanks a bunch to those who wished me thru sms,phonecalls and facebook/friendster..

(anacinta,hasfa,mas(thanks for the cake),wanihamzi,my sis(piza,kakwa and adik..thanks for the gift), aida, mr roshidul, sawet, cik suen,lea,sha,cik azreen, mus,yun, kak tini, lali,dauz, cik hanna, ridzwan, cheng,bened(my shopping partner), cik ZLa, dan kpd semua yg "mengewish" saya)


z L a said...

wish u a better year ahead. as for me, i felt wiser..:)
we dunno how long we're gonna live. who knows this year could be the final. death comes without a warning. as a conclusion, live life to the fullest & collect pahala sebanyak mungkin. insyallah we'll be happy no matter what comes ahead...amiin

Dila@Dalila said...


Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

smog IMPIAN cik dila tercapai...

thank u sbb list kan my name kat post blog ko kali ini..hrmmm...kalo dah keje OCBC nnt...mana ada dah shopping2..lepak-ing2...sob sob...

azwinomar said...

happy blated bday cik Dila.. xde buat makan2 ke? Lapo ni ;)

Miu said...

happy birthday babe!!!

^__^ that's a really nice bday present!!!!!