Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday and not happy..

Supposedly i should be prepared for my trip with joy and excitement..

But something happened..

I am sooooo sad..

When its gonna end???

Now i donno whether i'm going or not..

Everything's felt sooo unsure..uncertain..

Hope that's it wont last long..

Long enough to jeorpadized this long time planned trip.

I know people make mistake..but they are given a chance to fix things up..

God...hear my prayer...

Pls dont let me down this time..


p/s:and i did not manage to join The Eatrh Hour lastnite..too emo to do anything


- z L a - said...

o dear..kenapakah?

Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

nape dila???? bukan ko berada di bandung sekarang