Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bapaku Mi'an (my version of "Anakku Sazali)

22hb yg lepas..was my father's birthday..yg ke 56

well..i didnt wish him..let alone buy him a present..

ok i know i know..maybe u out there might be asking

"what??what kind of daughter are u??

the truth is..its not that i dont want to..i would love to celebrate his birthday like a normal family.

But there's one thing about my family that is..(u can say weird)...

We never celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or special ocassions except Hari Raya and Raya Haji.


I dont know..i thought that our level of ego is sooooooo damn high that we dont even think that a simple wish is meaningful. I used to wish my parents happy birthday back when i was studying and they were staying in Johor..Time tu communicate gune phone so SMS jela..xdela rase malu..
Sekarang ni dah sok satu umah rase janggal sgt nk wish depan2..i know its bad but...haihhhh..

I want to change that..(my sis birthday is on 23rd of this month and my mom's is on 11th of next month..maybe i can start from there)


Pompuan Emosi said...

Every family is as dysfunctional as they can be.

It took me a very long time to digest that no family can be too 'perfect' nor too 'weird'. Tried watching family sitcoms. Even though they were pure fiction but it had me taking things easily and lightly about how 'different' my family is.

Believe me, no family is 'normal'. In the end of the day, it's all about how u see things in life.

Just for laugh :
Skywalker Family

Dila@Dalila said...

errr..dah tgk gambar skywalker family tu..mcm x berapa faham la..