Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday and not happy..

Supposedly i should be prepared for my trip with joy and excitement..

But something happened..

I am sooooo sad..

When its gonna end???

Now i donno whether i'm going or not..

Everything's felt sooo unsure..uncertain..

Hope that's it wont last long..

Long enough to jeorpadized this long time planned trip.

I know people make mistake..but they are given a chance to fix things up..

God...hear my prayer...

Pls dont let me down this time..


p/s:and i did not manage to join The Eatrh Hour lastnite..too emo to do anything

Friday, March 27, 2009

Back To School (High School Musical) my opis created a theme on what the employee should wear..its a once a month thingy where there's a team that will decide what to wear on certain or particular day...and for this month they decided to have

Back To School Theme!!!!

Male-It should be a long/short sleeves shirt,a badge and blue,white or green pants
Female-Long/short sleeves shirt,skirt(no mini skirt) high enough to cover pants!

All of us find it hard enough to find those required attire..dahla bgtau last minit..mane plak nk cekau baju sekolah time2 gini..i asked my sis..

"dah xdela..ntah letak mane..buang or bg org"..

Aiishhhh...last2 bile korek2 blk almari nmpakla ade satu skirt ni...tercepit diantara baju2 dan seluar2..

"mmmm,cam ok ni..ahhh tibailah...dah darurat..

Besknye bile g keje ade je rupenye yg x pakai pun..yg seniorla..ktrg yg baru2 ni nampak sgtla skemanya..huhuhu

tp ade yg bsemangat betul...dgr2 ade yg siap time nk pg keje kene tahan polis lg sbb ingatkan budak sekolah bw kete.huhuhu

So inilah hasilnyee...

And me!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dalam Toilet Pn Jadik..

p/s: dah xde keje budak2 ni..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Im soooooo happyyyyyyyy..

Finally i got the approval for my leave to go to Bandung!!Yesshhhhhhh.

Anyway you're rite cik ZLa ..miracles do happen sometimes..and i never stop crossing my fingers even since..


Beban keje pun dah x terasa sgt ble hati dah senang ni..keje keje keje..

Thats all..


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cancel Trip Ke Bandung?

Hi Girls....

For those yg dah tnampak post ni earlier msti ttanye2 kan..knp hanya ade "Hi Girls" je..haaaaa..nila yg aku nk cite ni..i got so frustated sbb smlm dah tulis(errr..taip actually) punyela banyak and panjang berjela2...skali bile nk publish...

Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site

Arrgghhhh....what a waste!!!!..totally!!!aku dah cukup bsemangat smlm menceritakan kronologi psl crite trip nak pg Bandung ni..last2...hampehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well..nk tak nak kene critela jgak sket..

Early this year i already planned to go to Bandung..yela saje nk jln2 and mkn i'm bringing my mum dah beli tiket la awal2 n siap mase AirAsia tgh buat Valentine Promo die tu..considered cheap jgakla..for 3 days-2 nite accomodation kat bajet hotel + return air flight ticket..sorang dlam Rm550 cmtula..okla least..for a start.aku mmg dah lame teringin nk travel..

When i was having that arrangement..i was still working at mmg xde masalah la psl nk cuti sume..sbb kt sini mcm sgt2 longgar jgakla bab2 attendance ni..lgpun kerja RA je kan..ape la sgt..

But as u know i already accepted OCBC punye job offer and now i am sooooo pening memikirkan nasib trip aku ni yg jatuh pada hari dimana aku masih lg dlm training(and its where they are f***ing straight when it comes to punctuality and attendance kidding man)

Dahla aku pg time weekdays..3 hari plak tu..mau ke dorang lpskan aku???

But before i said yes to OCBC i already asked the HR girl who called me regarding the job offer..after a while she gave me a call back and said

"yes..i've talked to your future supervisor and they said they can release u provided u kene catch up with all the stuff i will leave behind"..

so aku pun happy and riang2 gumbira la memikirkan approval dah berada dlm genggaman..

Tp masa habis je training on the 1st day..bile aku nk confirmkn ngn trainer aku blk,de blh ckp

"No,i dont know..nobody inform me anything about it"..

I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????i tot u approved me oledi????
(aku xdelah ckp depan die kan..dlm hati je lah)

So she took the detail of my trip and said she will inform me guarantee..only a "i-dont-think-u-ever-get-the-chance-to-girl" look on her face..

Muke die cam x seolah2 x puas hati ngn sape yg bg approval tu..

Aku pun mcm..I dont care!I wanna go!I've paid

Besoknye aku tanye die kate no outcome yet..

The day after tomorrow tibe2 die ckp kt aku..

Trainer: Dila,my boss asked u to cancel your trip

Me:Hah??errr..are u serious???

Trainer: Yes

Me: Errrr..but what about what they said the other day that they already approved me?

Trainer: I dont know..what i know our boss asked u to cancel or change the trip date
(goshhh..u should have seen her face..mcm xde perasaan langsung!!)

Me: Errr..(berapa banyak errrrr daaaa)..but if i CAN change it i WOULD have changed it but i cannot..and i already paid..(sambil buat muke kesian..its whether do-or-die situation dah time tu)

She paused...

Trainer: Well,i guess the only thing left now is u write an email loooorrr..appeal for approval..u gv to me and i'll pass to our boss

Me:(sigh) okay

What the H***L is going on here????I was expecting a chance and space to discuss and explain about this but i was only given a straight answer "NO" to my face...

Aku x puas hati.

So aku call HR and dorang pun kate supposedly xde masalah sbb dari awal lg dah ade approval..

So up until outcome yet..

Oooohh God..pls let me not gonna let this chance slipped away..again..not this time..

Nasib baiklah ade collegue aku si Colleens yg sgt setia dan memahami masalah aku ni..

Huhuhu..die pun excited dgr aku nk g Bandung ni..both of us are sooooooo into shoppinglaa..dah siap plan ni nk beli ape bile dpt gaji nnti..hahaha..gila la kitorang ni

Anyway..tgh berdebar2 menanti keputusan ni..

girls pls pray for meeeeeee..nnti kalo jd pg blh aku beli brg banyak2 and tunjuk kt blog aku ni ha..huahuauha..silap2 blh buat bisnis lg

Dah terbayang2 kain2 yg cantik nk buat baju kurung,kasut2 and beg2 yg ade potensi utk dibeli nnti.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mane Wayangnye??

On Friday nite i went out with Mr NAZ..cadangnye nk tgk movie..its been quiet a while since our last movie..which i think was "Slumdog Millionaire"..

Nak dpt permission kuar from my parents..fuuhhh susah gakla..but at last dpt jgakla kuar tp time dah agak lewat which was about 10-ishh...mmg dah x sempat nk catch movie yg kul 9 something and its impossible nk tgk midnite..xkan nk blk lambat..

But we just went out KLCC..byt the time we reached there most of the shops dah tutup(yela retail kan from 10 to 10).. so we surveyed tiket wayang and yapp..i was more shows for that time..frust gak sbnrnye sbb plan nk tgk "The International" but its ok..perhaps next time..

To kill the time we just jln2 je kt area KLCC tuh..and something..caught my eye..

From Topshop
(x tau knp but i was standing there looking at this..i think its sooooo cute )

Then br aku prasan kat middle concourse tu ade Lancome punye event kt situ..maybe akan ade promotion on new product and free make over la kot..All the sets baru je siap agaknye..besok la tu eventnye..But the setting betul2 cantik and unik laah

Duta baru produk ni(heheh i loike)

I personally like this pic..(ktrg main suke hati je dok kt sofa putih ni..i bet its from IKEA)

Agak2 KLCC tu pun dah nk tutup...we went outside near the park..mmmm remind me masa zaman muda2 dulu..we used to date here..kat ngn air pancut tu..bfore he went to UK..well itu kisah lame..forget it Dila..
Pakcik ni lapa so time tu ktrg betul2 depan Dome laa jwpnyeee..

En Zharip ngn Cik Dila

And we had.....

Spicy Olio Pasta,Ice Chocolate and Apple Crush!!!!!
oooohhhh so yummm yummmm

So that's it...after that terus basically outing kali ni x buat ape2 melainkan makan sahaje..terasa mcm buat keje bodoh plak..errrr..oklaaa bukan bodo but mcm rugi sketlaaa sbb bukan senang nk kuar tgk next time we better be early...

That's all girls..

p/s: oooh can't wait to finish the rest of the Gosip Girl episode...i'll blog about it later


Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Week In Cyber

halluuuu girls...

Its been a veerrrrrrrrrrrrrrry busy week..with me yg br nk start keje baru and nak adapt lagik.

Ni pun jap lg nk kene buat "homework" plak dah..trainer dah bg soh buat kt umah..(omg dila..ko still ade keje omah ke nk buat???mcm kt sekolah la plak..huhuhu)

Oooohh it reminds me during my partime job kt HSBC Cyber last year..mostly hv to do the same thing..bcoz i'm dealing with Singapore market..

I would love to show some pics and story mory about my new work place..but didnt got the chance to bergamba2 laaa.. i will surely do next time..

thats all bebeh


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cantik tak??....Cantik kan???

It's RED....
It's 5 inch heel...
It's sooooooooooooooooooo elegant..
And ooohhhh soooooo sooo sooooo yummylicious...(grrrrrrr)

It's pureeeeeee white...
Also very very very elegant...
And it's ..(mi favorita kinda shoe)

Hm....would love this for my birthday present..anyone??? *blink blink*

And they're from FRINGE...check this out(but i think sold out already...huuuuuu)


Friday, March 13, 2009

GoodBye UPM...


as im writing for this feeling so blue...i dont know why la..supposed im very the happy laa bcoz on Mon ill be starting my new job at OCBC bank at Cyberjaya..i guess its not just the work itself,but the fact that i hv to leave UPM....for good.

Haihh..errr..FYI i've been in Serdang
(UPM of kos) for almost 8 years..can u guys believe it(haaaa?ko watpe kt sane lame sgt?..well scara chronologynye aku mule2 mnjejakkan kaki ke UPM ini mase nk sambung Dip..and that was Diploma Pengurusan Perladangan Makanan (fuhh tgeliat lidah nk menyebutnyee)..

And i still remember that when a girlfren of mine from secondary school
(Sek.Men.Keb Paduka Tuan,Segamat) iaitu cik Noorfazlinda Zulkifly (haaa..aku ingat lg name penuh ko tau??manela ko skrg) she managed to to get the same course with me DPPM..but unfortunately she was ordered to change for another course which was Diploma Pertanian bcos course ni course lama so ble menampung student yg ramai and course DPPM ni still baru and masih dlm kerana x mahu berpisahla kononnye dgn cik Linda ni aku pun ikutla sekali tukar course tu..dptla plakk..

Haha..the funny part was she got an offer to study at Politechnic Pasir Gudang in IT course..u know what??she just left...sbb die lg minat course IT-IT ni drpd course bcocok tanam..
(katenyela) tinggallaa aku tkontang-kanting keseorangan tanpa teman..

Ikutkan kalo aku stay course lame (DPPM tu)..i already managed to make frens ngn few people la..cthnye Cik Zurie,Cik Lea,Nik, sbb dah tukar course so dah x same lgla..anyway they still remain to be my fren till now..

So bergerakla aku mcari teman utk brjuang di alam perang belaja ni..disinilah aku kenal Cik Lina (alaa yg baru kawen in my previous post tuuu)..En Faizul and En Tarique..dorang btige nila yg aku mule2 kenal time blaja dip kelas same2,buat esaimen same2,study same2.(err..aku rajin study ke dulu..mmm mcm takkk je)...

But as time goes by...we started to split..masing2 bw arah sndiri..kelas pn dah x sama..cume aku ngn Lina je yg still berdue..lgpun mebi sbb ktrg same kolej kot (Kolej Kesepuluh UPM..and we used to be roomate selama 1 tahun ngn Kak Tini yg sporting!!!)..skrg ni yang pakcik 2 org
tu pon dah lost contact.

Tp bukan Lina je kwn baik aku..i bfriended with Cik Zu(dah kawen skang dok Aussie),Cik Sha(dah keje skang dok Ampang) and Cik Suen(dah keje gak n dok KJ)..dorangla teman suke duke sepanjang dip..susah senang naik turun semua ngn dorang..baaaaaaaanyak sgt cerita ktrg kongsi(yg x berapa proper nk kongsi disini)

Sampaila habis dip..Zu got married..Sha cari keje and tinggal Suen je mnghabiskan sisa2 degreenye di UPM..And i was left with a divided heart whether to further study or keje je..

Abis je dip aku cari keje partime..dpt plak kt Feragammo dudukla aku di Nilai mase time keje tu.(we were provided a house and a driver)..gaji not bad laa..merasa la beli mcm2 ngn duit spanjang disana pun aku merasa mcm2 study and me myself..everything mcm bertimpa2 menimpa..

I was broken hearted by him..without him saying anything(at that that he was in UK pursuing his i bet its the long distance reltnshiplaa..and the fact he had some1 else..that really tore me apart),and then my family had a veeeeery tough time when something unexpected happened.....and me?that time i tot my chance to further degree was impossible..dgn muke yg time tu start naik berjerawat gile b**i punye...i was in my lowwwwwwwest self esteem situation..mase tu kalo iman x kuat ade yg buat keje bodoh tejun bangunan KLIA tu kot..

Anyway..i survived..heheh..things got better after that..aku berjaya sambung degree Engineering!! walaupun name kos ni pelik n susah gak nk sebut n ingat (Bachelor Kejuruteraaan Biologi &Pertanian) aku harungi jua tempoh 4 tahun stgh utk habiskan degree.

Mase degree kenal Cik Hasfa(alaa yg baru tunang tuu),Cik Mas plak...dorangla teman baik shingga skrg..mcm2 gak berjaya dharungi bsama..yg kalo nk crite pun mmg x cukup stakat 1 post je..

1)suke tgk midnite movie and curi masuk ikut pagar belakang
2)meniru dlm exam(siap pas-paskan jwpn lg)
3)sampai komuter x sempat beli tiket terus lari naik tren
4)selalu ngorat abg yg jual tiket wayang supaya releasekan tiket cepat(hey sometimes it works ok!)
5)g tgk PGL teater musikal ngn xde tiket n kete rosak
6)besok nak exam mlm ni blh kuar merambu lg..cikgu mas la yg setia mengajar saya..tq mas!
7)curik tisu kt toilet hotel 5 bintang
8)mase praktikal kt Cameron karok ngn dot dot dot and and cik hasfa bjaya mdpt "sugardaddy"nyaa hahahah..gurau jee
9)kadang2 dorang terasa ngn aku
10)kadang2 aku terasa ngn dorang

dan mcm2 lgla pengalaman..

Along the way i also make fren with cik ana,baby,ida cc,ira,lea,jaja..ahh banyakla kalo nk sebutkan disini..but i just want u guys to know that i will never forget u all..

So overallnye 3 tahun diploma campor ngn 4 tahun stgh degree semua berapa lama adik2??

jawapan: 7 tahun stgh

pandai adik2..

and campur after degree keje sbgai RA(research assistant) lg??..dekat2 8 tahun gakla aku bertapa kt sini..fuuhh lame tu..kalo org kawen tu anak dah besar dah

so..its time to a different environment,different people,diffrent expectations,..

only God knows how i feel rite now..

its a mixture of happy,sad,reluctant,excited,confuse, and mcm2 lgla dlm diri ini..its like my life dah cukup sebati ngn penghidupan di Serdang..

no more mkn di Padang...Anjung..Jas Cafe...Kembangan Paradise...Chop & Stick..Tasik..kedai mkn mutiara kt bangi

no more pg beli brg toiletries kt Ban Soon..Taykali (ke Taikaly?)...kedai India kt padang tu..

no more kene pg kat Bendahari kt dlm or Admin kt dlm nk settlekan urusan or cucuk duit kt CIMB..

no more of Sri Serdang..Sri Kembangan..Serdang Raya..(dan yg sewaktu dgnnyee)

Sesungguhnya there is too much memories in Serdang that make me of who i am today..

And for Spatial Group..thnks guys..u rock!!keep up the spirit and good luck for the international conference April next year..

and en shopping cum partime lab partner(and also my blogger partner)..goodbye..thanks for the treat at Sushi King (for my resignation and my birthday)..gudluck for MINT!!

err..dan utk Dr Rashid,kak nomi,kak ita,Prof Amin,Prof Lee,kak Sal,akak unit IT,en Zali lab,Mr Roshidul,En Ruzinoor,Nik Norasma,Blair,sume2 laaa..

At last but not least..Universiti Putra Malaysia yang tercinta..

gonna miss u so damn much..


My Birthday Present (Version 2.0-Birthday Treat!!! )


Ini kesinambungan dari version 1.0..huhu..remember in my previous post i told u that i wanted to exhange the tote bag from FCUK..well..after almost an hour in FCUK Boutique one day after i received it from Mr NAZ..this is what i think worth of to replace..

From this...

To this...

Bootflare Jeans

I luv the stitching laaaa.

And this...

Juniper Blouse from 2008 AW Collection

Dont get me wrong..actually i really do like the tote sooo much..i like the material and the design..its not that im being choosy or picky about my own gift..but Mr NAZ himself said the bag is way too big for me and he agreed if i want to exchange it for other stuff..hihihii..thanks honeyyyy..u're the besttt!But i do really like my new jeans and top..


What i got for myself..

While Jalan-Jalan Cari Barang...

Lancome Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam

It also came with trial Beauty Lotion (or Toner) and Moisturizer

Well...i am soooo the fed up thinking about my "pimpled" face laaa...haiiiyoooo..tried soo many product but never "jalan" one..the reason i wanted to try Lancome because few days ago my sis came to our house and she said now she's using this brand and Ooooo my God i love what it does to my sis's face laaa..very the licin i was kinda terpengaruh and....u knowlaaa..terbeli la i considered this as a treat to myself laaaa

Previously i used AG-2000..its a good product but somehow i need to maintain on this eat-based product called Imunol from AG2000 jgak(no pic laa babe..sowi)..ia blh dikatakan berkesan la sket walaupun agak lambat tp what make me stop using it bcause its so mahal woooo..sebotol dah RM100++..tahan 2 minggu sebulan i hv to spend like RM200++ for the product alone..

But i just bought this..

AG2000 Facial Cleansing Foam (60ml) a week before i bought this Lancome Clarifying got still much left..and im thinking to sell this Ag2000 Facial Cleansing Foam with lower price.its still in good condition and i only used it like a week(see pic above)..i also will give 3 pack of this...

One Touch 3 in 1 Wet Puff...for FREE!!!!

If u would like to know more of this product click here

If u are interested in buying this from email me at negotiate later..dont worry..its original..bought it from the distributor..

And next....Sushi King treat!!!

On my last day working in UPM..Bernard si teman shoppingku telah sudi mmbelanja aku makan di Sushi King sempena 1)My belated birthday...2)Hari last bekerja di UPM

Actually dlm masa 2 bulan ni saje dah dekat 4 kali mkn kat sini...huhuhu..anyway thank u sooooooo much Mr Bernard!!!!!

Setelah perut kenyang....kami pun berjalan2...sempatla singgah window shopping...

Try this try last2 x beli..if u notice the 2nd pic this baju i alredy tried and post it in my previous last2 x beli jgak..mak dah miskin!!!

p/s: now waiting for hasfa's treat plak..hihihi

Thats all for now...


Selamat Pengantin Baru NoorHaslina Nor Rizan

Sabtu and Mr NAZ went to my long time bestfren punye wedding kat Seremban..
At first i thought nk tumpang my fren je tp sume kete terpaksa la mintak tlg Mr NAZ blk Penang lambat sket so that kitrg bole pg sama2..and he agreed..that's sooo nice of him...aite??I have to go for this wedding becos mase Lina tunang dulu dah ter'miss'..and wedding ni plak die buat time bday akooo..sooo harusssssla pg..lgpun ini jela masa aku nk ber'reunion' ngn ex-kosmet2 diploma aku yg's been sooo long since i last met them..

From left: Sarah's husband,Sarah,Mus,Suhaimi,pengantin lelaki,Lina,Hamzi,Wani,Aida,aku,Dayah,Nor and Raja Shima