Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Boyfren's X Girlfren??


Just look at the title..u knowla
Im thinking rite now..normally when a girl call her ex just to tanye khabar..u know..

how r u? how's life? dah ade gf baru ke?

do u think that she just did that for the sake of mmg betul2 nk tanye khabar? or ade niat lain( ade udang di sbalik spageti)..

Oooohhhh..aku mmg betul2 berbulu sket dgr bab2 ex gf ni..its not that im mad at her or what..its just that..mmm..ntahla..element insecurity dah ade di situ..

Its bcoz dulu dah pnh ade history between me n him..

Now i started not to trust my BF, asyik fikir bukan2...eventho he assured me that there's no one else in his heart rite now..except me..

mmm..blh cayeke?

p/s: anyway she's enggaged alredi..but still...ahhh malas nk fikir lgla