Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working & Dating


Work is sooooo boring as usual..and its Friday not so much to do (ade keje sbnrnye tp malas nk buat..procastination is baaaaaad)..anywayy after friday prayer made a date with Mr NAZ to meet up at SPCA Ampang to pay a visit to my faveret pet...CAT.since the exposure by 360 about the abuse and mistreated of these animals (including dogs) i was somehow feel "terpanggil" to see all these really reminds me of one of my fren cik suen yg mmg aku blh kategorikan sbg aktivis haiwan yg bertauliah.actually Mr NAZ gave the suggestion to go there.I tot maybe he wanted to adopt one..hhuhuhuhu..

I was early to arrive there so i parked and went to Ampang Point just to kill ..time.actually bukanla awal pon but mr NAZ got something to do first i was pretty mad but then i remembered last week we agreed to meet at MidValley at 2.30 and i only arrived there at 4..jahat x?he was patient enuff eventho at first he wanted to cancel..but i managed to console him and fuuhhhh everything went well like a normal date should be..tq for being such a nice bf honeyyy..

huhhu..anywayy back to Ampang point..and it reminded me to repair his watch he gave to me the other day.initially i wanted to buy him a watch but since i've reach my credit card limit i guess there's no way la kan..(waaaaaa bilela aku nk kayo niiii).takpela tunggu Mr NAZ kayo nnti aku suh la die beli jam sendirik(n of kosla utk aku jugakkan?hihihi..ive been eyeing this Omega watch since foreverrrrrrrr)

After repair jam tu aku pgla window shopping sat..anyway Ampang point ni x banyak sgt bende yg blh ditgk..but i had my eye on this one belt(gambo lupe nk tangkapla sory) and i tried it on..and the price was sayanggggggggggg bangat saiznye terlalu besar and x muat nk masuk kt celah2 jeans ku ini..frust gak because currently i am looking for a belt utk dpkai bsama jeans2 ku yg semua dah mengembang tu..

The real pic takde but the belt look something similar like this...

except that mine has only 1 buckle and its made from rotan or something like that lah

Sudahnyee gamba2 syok sendiri ini yg berjaya ditangkap..

Sekian terima kasih

p/s: the way i didnt adopt any cat..neither did he..we were out of time but we had fun visiting them..surely they need love and care from us the human being who's Allah has created "akal & fikiran"....will come more often next time!!


Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

picture ni menunjukkan kesabaran yerrrr

Dila@Dalila said...

haruslaaaaa nok..mak sabarla ni