Thursday, February 19, 2009

UPM GIS Day 2009


At last this event berakhir jugak..some said its a succes..some said so-so laa..some said banyak lg yg blh improved.anyway i did my best and hasilnye bolela tahan..almost 300 people turned up at the event.for those who have no idea of what this event is all about visit here. ahhh..words cannot say laa how to describe kelegaannye slps menjayakan event ni..mcm2 dugaan gak..lets just tgk the pics (will add more later)

p/s:heheh..guess which is me??


Pompuan Emosi said...

Slmt datang ke blogosfera :)

Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

hahaha....taniah GIS day menjadi gak hr nyer....