Friday, February 20, 2009

shop till you drop dead gorgeous..


This is one little word that cannot be separated from women..tell me is there any women in this whole world doesnt like to shop??

well..of course there are..(well x semua org cam aku kann??huuu)

last few days i managed to curik2 kuar keje to go to midvalley..konon nye laaa nk tgk2 baju..well here's the result..check it out

Memulakan langkah nk ponteng keje dgn beraninye

R u ready baby??hehehe

En Benard (my shopping partner) kate kalau bole jgn beli,tgk je..

I luveeee this top soo much..and its cost pretty reasonable too.but im not sure why i didnt buy week ok week..i'll make sure of it

And also this one from wekk k..harap2la top tu still ade

p/s: Pls mind the blurry pics...mmg x pakar la dlm bab2 menangkap gamba ni. Eventho i didnt buy anything for myself but i did for my loved one.. ZARA tshirt (no pic).heheh luv u mmuuaaahh