Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MTE 2009 (Malaysia Technology Expo)

On Saturday (21 Feb 2009), i was assigned by my supervisor to take turn to take care of his research booth.and on Sat it was my turn..Since my supervisor sent 2 of his students to participate in the competition he was really particular about sending everybody to the event so that everyone will get the experience.

But for me..i was glad!!huhu..not only u got the chance to "jalan-jalan"(staying with your family u know how hard it is to go out by yourself..u know what i mean)..i also had a chance to see all the research by universities from the whole country..eventho im not planning to further for MSc now..but maybe someday i'll change my mind...and jeng jeng jeng my B's gonna be there too..huhu so sweet of him to come to see me.

When i was going out for breakfast during the event,someone screamed at me;

Girl: Ehh..sape name die ni..ala lupe laaaa...

(And i looked at her feeling very terperanjat..why laaa this girl jerit kt aku ni..)

Me: Ni Dila la...ehh Nurul ek??(nasib baik aku ingat name die)

Nurul: Haaaa...dilaaa..buat ape kt sini?

Me: im one of the exhibitor laaa..ko?buat ape kt sini?

Nurul: Hehee..ikut budak2 UiTM ni

We used to be in the same college (Kolej 11).and my rumet used to be her kosmet..she used to come to my room to see my rumet(which was her kosmet hahahah).pusing2 blk2 situ jgak..And after that perbualan berkisar pada kerja masing2. rupe2nye die apply keje DPLI..she's currently under UiTM program for DPLI..and i told her how desperate i am now to look for a new job..its not that i dont like what im doing right now but im looking for MOREEEE money..waaaaa..gaji skrg x dpt memuaskan nafsu serakahku utk mmbeli belah. ive been looking for more than 3 months now..but im still feel blessed because that sempatla rasa menganggur.at least im getting some money.

Eh ni sape yg jage booth ni?aku ke die??

Me, Nurul and Fauzan(my ex rumet)


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ jumpa kak nurul n pojan ekh?? dah lama tak jumpa kak nurul la. huhuhu... ~

MyNewJourney said...

yap..mmg x dsangka2..tringat time die dtg umah dila time dila wat openhouse..huhuh..kalo ade masa blhla kite bsama2 bjmpa-jumpaan..bgla emel nnti dila bg no hp