Monday, February 16, 2009

dah setahun kee??


its been a year since i last wrote to this blog..wowww..i just cant believe it..mmm many things changed..i moved to my parents house(they settle down in kl alreadi),reconcile back with my ex(refer to my previous post..heheh)(luv u syg),successfully finished my degree,now working as an RA(research assistant of my lecturer, Associate Professor Dr Abdul Rashid) life has constantly change for the past 8 months.and aaahh banyak lg laaa..right now busy leee ngn keje and urusan mncari keje lain..hehe..goosshh rasa banyk sgt nk x tau mane nk best fren dah nk kawen..(actually ramai dah yg kawen)sorang ni bulan 3(my bday tho) n sorang lg bulan 7(aku?bile lg??heheh en NZA..cepat2 tau nnti melepas huhu)minggu lepas br je mnjayakan satu big event (UPM GIS Day 2009) mmg sgt memenatkan.Will upload all the photos later yaaa..


Bernard's tHe FreE tHinkeR said...

wau..berkulat sudah ko nyer blog ni