Friday, February 27, 2009

Pemuda Umno "Celaka"?

Karpal (Singh is King) maki Pemuda(picture from Berita Harian)

reading yesterday's newspaper and watched the news really2 have shocked me for what i can categorized as "serious political issues". Im not really into politics since i believe that all parties have their own views and argument about what they fight for. But this is something that all of us should be aware of. I'm not saying who is right who is wrong here but living in this bumi bertuah Malaysia..we should know our limit and pls learn from other country' we want war in our beloved country?


Arrgghhh..ntah knp hari ni rasa nk mara jee..xde mood nk buat pape pown.keje pn x menjadi.nak kate PMS..dah lepas..hmmm B dah blepas ke Penang ade keje sket..gonna miss u uhuhhu.Ni dah kira long distance relationship gak ni..adussss..not again!

Kerja pule...Fail nk letak sume dokumen2 GIS Day dah ade atas meje,tp bile tah nk susun pn x tau,minit mesyuarat kene update,website Dr ade lg x siap,report Prof Cho pn x polish lg,report GIS Day pown same,isu pembayaran from the exhibitor pn x settle lg!

The truth is i dont feel like doing anything!

Ooohh cik Dila,bile la kao nk buat nehhhhh..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My dearest nephew..

Mohd Firhan Haikal

Age 4 years

Am i cute???

I love my nephew soooooooo much..he is so playful and talkative despite of everything that happened..hope that u can grow up and be someone your mother can be proud of..
Thats all for now..


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Boyfren's X Girlfren??


Just look at the title..u knowla
Im thinking rite now..normally when a girl call her ex just to tanye khabar..u know..

how r u? how's life? dah ade gf baru ke?

do u think that she just did that for the sake of mmg betul2 nk tanye khabar? or ade niat lain( ade udang di sbalik spageti)..

Oooohhhh..aku mmg betul2 berbulu sket dgr bab2 ex gf ni..its not that im mad at her or what..its just that..mmm..ntahla..element insecurity dah ade di situ..

Its bcoz dulu dah pnh ade history between me n him..

Now i started not to trust my BF, asyik fikir bukan2...eventho he assured me that there's no one else in his heart rite now..except me..

mmm..blh cayeke?

p/s: anyway she's enggaged alredi..but still...ahhh malas nk fikir lgla

MTE 2009 (Malaysia Technology Expo)

On Saturday (21 Feb 2009), i was assigned by my supervisor to take turn to take care of his research booth.and on Sat it was my turn..Since my supervisor sent 2 of his students to participate in the competition he was really particular about sending everybody to the event so that everyone will get the experience.

But for me..i was glad!!huhu..not only u got the chance to "jalan-jalan"(staying with your family u know how hard it is to go out by yourself..u know what i mean)..i also had a chance to see all the research by universities from the whole country..eventho im not planning to further for MSc now..but maybe someday i'll change my mind...and jeng jeng jeng my B's gonna be there too..huhu so sweet of him to come to see me.

When i was going out for breakfast during the event,someone screamed at me;

Girl: Ehh..sape name die ni..ala lupe laaaa...

(And i looked at her feeling very terperanjat..why laaa this girl jerit kt aku ni..)

Me: Ni Dila la...ehh Nurul ek??(nasib baik aku ingat name die)

Nurul: Haaaa...dilaaa..buat ape kt sini?

Me: im one of the exhibitor laaa..ko?buat ape kt sini?

Nurul: Hehee..ikut budak2 UiTM ni

We used to be in the same college (Kolej 11).and my rumet used to be her kosmet..she used to come to my room to see my rumet(which was her kosmet hahahah).pusing2 blk2 situ jgak..And after that perbualan berkisar pada kerja masing2. rupe2nye die apply keje DPLI..she's currently under UiTM program for DPLI..and i told her how desperate i am now to look for a new job..its not that i dont like what im doing right now but im looking for MOREEEE money..waaaaa..gaji skrg x dpt memuaskan nafsu serakahku utk mmbeli belah. ive been looking for more than 3 months now..but im still feel blessed because that sempatla rasa least im getting some money.

Eh ni sape yg jage booth ni?aku ke die??

Me, Nurul and Fauzan(my ex rumet)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working & Dating


Work is sooooo boring as usual..and its Friday not so much to do (ade keje sbnrnye tp malas nk buat..procastination is baaaaaad)..anywayy after friday prayer made a date with Mr NAZ to meet up at SPCA Ampang to pay a visit to my faveret pet...CAT.since the exposure by 360 about the abuse and mistreated of these animals (including dogs) i was somehow feel "terpanggil" to see all these really reminds me of one of my fren cik suen yg mmg aku blh kategorikan sbg aktivis haiwan yg bertauliah.actually Mr NAZ gave the suggestion to go there.I tot maybe he wanted to adopt one..hhuhuhuhu..

I was early to arrive there so i parked and went to Ampang Point just to kill ..time.actually bukanla awal pon but mr NAZ got something to do first i was pretty mad but then i remembered last week we agreed to meet at MidValley at 2.30 and i only arrived there at 4..jahat x?he was patient enuff eventho at first he wanted to cancel..but i managed to console him and fuuhhhh everything went well like a normal date should be..tq for being such a nice bf honeyyy..

huhhu..anywayy back to Ampang point..and it reminded me to repair his watch he gave to me the other day.initially i wanted to buy him a watch but since i've reach my credit card limit i guess there's no way la kan..(waaaaaa bilela aku nk kayo niiii).takpela tunggu Mr NAZ kayo nnti aku suh la die beli jam sendirik(n of kosla utk aku jugakkan?hihihi..ive been eyeing this Omega watch since foreverrrrrrrr)

After repair jam tu aku pgla window shopping sat..anyway Ampang point ni x banyak sgt bende yg blh ditgk..but i had my eye on this one belt(gambo lupe nk tangkapla sory) and i tried it on..and the price was sayanggggggggggg bangat saiznye terlalu besar and x muat nk masuk kt celah2 jeans ku ini..frust gak because currently i am looking for a belt utk dpkai bsama jeans2 ku yg semua dah mengembang tu..

The real pic takde but the belt look something similar like this...

except that mine has only 1 buckle and its made from rotan or something like that lah

Sudahnyee gamba2 syok sendiri ini yg berjaya ditangkap..

Sekian terima kasih

p/s: the way i didnt adopt any cat..neither did he..we were out of time but we had fun visiting them..surely they need love and care from us the human being who's Allah has created "akal & fikiran"....will come more often next time!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical (Season 3)


itss back..and for the 2nd time i went to watch it..its simply amazing..this time i bought tiket yg mahal sketla..dah keje ni kan..teringat zaman2 time blaja dulu..beli tiket yg rm30 je..itupun last i went with hubby,hasfa n bakal kire doubledate la ni..uhuhuh

the reason i watched this show for the 2nd time mainly is because i want to see sooooo bad the improvement poeple have been talking about.selain dari choreography-nye yg ade element tarian jawa n also the props yg dikatakan makin bertambah..i was soooo looking foward for this show.

mmm...but somehow after watching me and hasfa sgt sependapat bahawa this time Stephen Rahman punye performance agak "kureng" sket berbanding Season 2(i only watched Season 2..Season 1 tak sempat).we personally think that this time slang Englishnye tu obvious sket..beria2 aku memuji2 depan Mr NAZ psl kepetahan Si Stephen ni berlakon dlm bahasa melayu tp kali ni agak sedikit xpela we think he already tried his best(lgpun dah lame x blakon PGL tu,tu yg lupe kot)

This is among the comments which i saw at the official PGL blog from the audients (yg menyokong pendapat aku dan hasfa)

"stephen rahman hughes on the other hand; is a good actor with good vocals and stamina BUT i have a problem with him playing the role of hang tuah. hang tuah in our minds is a great warrior of many of our local legends. easier said; hang tuah ialah seorang pahlawan melayu sejati. stephen is not quite melayu. his name says it all. i stongly feel that the likes of M. Nasir is the still perfect Hang Tuah"

"Dari segi lakonan, ia cukup untuk memenuhi ciri perwatakan masing-masing. Tiara selaku tonggak utama tentunya. Gerak tari dan lontaran suara dengan permainan emosi dan rasa yang cukup mengesankan. Namun, lain pula halnya dengan Laksamana Hang Tuah. Kata seorang kenalan, Laksamana Hang Tuah untuk musim ketiga ini lebih 'pelat' dan 'tebal lidah' berbanding musim keduanya dulu. Aku hanya tersenyum. Namun, pujian harus diberikan kepada usahanya. Tahniah buat semua"

Apart from that...hmmm.. yeah the props dah ditambahkan sket..there was an magic element by Bayan (Puteri Gunung Ledang punye mbok)..and lighting tu agak meriah la sket berbanding sejarah cinta agung Gusti Putri Raden Ajeng Retno Dumilah kepada Laksamana Hang Tuah benar2 mengajar kita bahawa cinta agung itu tidak pernah akan kekal hingga akhir zaman.

Bak kata2 dr babak PGLTM

" Kuhinakan diriku untuk merengkuh cinta sejati, Cintamu bagai cahaya mentari yang membakar wajahku, meski sekilas kurasa namun akan menjadi bekal hingga akhir zaman..."

If any of u want to listen to lagu Tujuh Syarat by Tiara click here

Tujuh Syarat

beta gusti puteri raden adjeng retno dumilah
puteri seri di gunung ledang...

syarat pertama, syarat kedua...
bagi cerah perjalanan beta dari puncak ke istana melaka,
hamparkan kukuh jambatan emas,
jambatan perak pula dari istana ke puncak ledang.

syarat ketiga, syarat keempat...
melaka kerajaan makmur, ramai darah mekar dan subur
alirkan tujuh tempayan air mata mereka
tujuh tempayan juga air pinang muda,
buat seru beta bersiram.

syarat kelima, syarat keenam...
tujuh dulang hati hama,
disilang dulang yang tujuh lagi,
disusun hati sang nyamuk pula.

syarat ketujuh...
bukan kejam, bukan dendam,
ini duga nilai kasih paduka pada beta
pelengkap hantaran beta,
semangkuk darah putera mahkota...

shop till you drop dead gorgeous..


This is one little word that cannot be separated from women..tell me is there any women in this whole world doesnt like to shop??

well..of course there are..(well x semua org cam aku kann??huuu)

last few days i managed to curik2 kuar keje to go to midvalley..konon nye laaa nk tgk2 baju..well here's the result..check it out

Memulakan langkah nk ponteng keje dgn beraninye

R u ready baby??hehehe

En Benard (my shopping partner) kate kalau bole jgn beli,tgk je..

I luveeee this top soo much..and its cost pretty reasonable too.but im not sure why i didnt buy week ok week..i'll make sure of it

And also this one from wekk k..harap2la top tu still ade

p/s: Pls mind the blurry pics...mmg x pakar la dlm bab2 menangkap gamba ni. Eventho i didnt buy anything for myself but i did for my loved one.. ZARA tshirt (no pic).heheh luv u mmuuaaahh

Thursday, February 19, 2009

UPM GIS Day 2009


At last this event berakhir jugak..some said its a succes..some said so-so laa..some said banyak lg yg blh improved.anyway i did my best and hasilnye bolela tahan..almost 300 people turned up at the event.for those who have no idea of what this event is all about visit here. ahhh..words cannot say laa how to describe kelegaannye slps menjayakan event ni..mcm2 dugaan gak..lets just tgk the pics (will add more later)

p/s:heheh..guess which is me??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Am Muslim

Hi All,

Start the day with a very late wake up..i arrived at my lab at about 10.15..huhu(tak punctual langsung kan)anyway....

Would love to tell u all that curently im reading this book "I Am Muslim" by Dina Zaman.
Dont worry..its not a book by an extremist or freethinker.its a real life journey by this lady of finding her way to know Islam in every aspect of life.Here is her blog discussing and sharing interesting topics about her perspectives of life and religion.

Read this..some people who commented on this book..
"Dina Zaman's articles about being a Muslim in Malaysia today capture the multifaceted aspects of difference and alterity in normative religious life better than many academic studies on the subject." Quote from Dr. Farish A. Noor, Political Scientist and Historian of Political Islam, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin"Her writings have attempted to demystify Islam and shown the religion for what it is - a religion for all times that somehow over the past few years has been made complicated and in the process completely misunderstood." Quote from Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman, President of the Malaysian AIDS Council and Chairman of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation"

well..i suggest you can try to read this and try to look in a different way.I will tell u more once i read more pages(of kos la kan)

Monday, February 16, 2009

dah setahun kee??


its been a year since i last wrote to this blog..wowww..i just cant believe it..mmm many things changed..i moved to my parents house(they settle down in kl alreadi),reconcile back with my ex(refer to my previous post..heheh)(luv u syg),successfully finished my degree,now working as an RA(research assistant of my lecturer, Associate Professor Dr Abdul Rashid) life has constantly change for the past 8 months.and aaahh banyak lg laaa..right now busy leee ngn keje and urusan mncari keje lain..hehe..goosshh rasa banyk sgt nk x tau mane nk best fren dah nk kawen..(actually ramai dah yg kawen)sorang ni bulan 3(my bday tho) n sorang lg bulan 7(aku?bile lg??heheh en NZA..cepat2 tau nnti melepas huhu)minggu lepas br je mnjayakan satu big event (UPM GIS Day 2009) mmg sgt memenatkan.Will upload all the photos later yaaa..