Thursday, February 21, 2008

iTS Not FaIR!!!

hELLo aLL..

iTS been 2 days..
smlm gi the curve..ngn mas ngn hasfa..
had a good and fun time..
pg mkn karipap n hotdog kt IKEA..
banyak aku mkn..
pastu g hartams lepak minum ngn mkn waffle kat hartamas square..
pastu g umah anacinta kat subang usj17 tgk baju nk pinjam..
currently listening to Cinta Pertama By Bunga Citra Lestari..
due mlm lps..
kinda had a fight.
it wasnt a fight actually.
i asked him to stop..
stop need to sms need to ask me "how r u ",no need to pretend like he really care,no need to bother..
i think he just feel sympathy for me..
he just feel guilty..
n in order to meringankan rasa guilty die tu..die pn msgla aku..
nak explain..what is there left to explain????
he might feel better after explaining..but me???
n why now???
its not that i didnt try..
for god sake i've tried!!!
i've tried to pretend like nothing happened..pretend like i am fine n will be fine..
pretend like it didnt hurt me when he walked away just like that..pretend like i forgot everything n move on wif my life..pretend that im happy for him...
but im dying inside..
its been 4 years..time melts into nothing..nothings changed..
i still have my heart wif him..
u thinks its fair???
now i know that im never gonna have the chance to see or talk to him again..
i dont know..
i dont know if this is the right thing to do..
im tired mannn..
tired of this..
tired of thinking of him..
tired of hoping..
it seems like an endless torture to me..
god please make me forget him!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

wHat a Day...

HeLLo TheRe..

sTarted 2DaY WiTh a Bad One..Got PeRiOd PaiN..supposedLy suBmit My pArt iN MY Lab RePOrt but nAk bGn pN x BLe..saMpiLa ida cALLed..ThEy KinDa Mad But..WhaT tO dO..SemLm TidO nGn Mr NoRis...BahAGia SunGGUh!!!Bkn SenaNg nAk Dpt mNghAbiSkan sAtu mLm yG bMNakna Ngn Die..
Lps AbiS kLaS g Mkn piZZa WiF mY KosMets..PAsTU SeCarA TErBELI SecaRA aCCiDentLynYe..
AbiS DuiT AkOOOO!!!
MAnaGe To Go ThRu 2DAY WiTHOut ThiNKiNG MucH oF Him...
HoPE iT aLwaYs stAY tHat wAy

mY FirSt pOst..

name:ms me
Address:xxxx,jln xx/xx,tmn x,xxxxx,s,selangor
d.o.b:7 mac 1983
p.o.b:kuala lumpur
current profession:full time student
into:gossiping,hanging out,movies,futsaling,bowling,badmintoning,
current financial sponsor:PTPTipu & papi
current financial status:broke
ambition:to be a successful lawyer..or consultant?(doesnt sound right..really)
my frens:fadila hani,bibi mariah,hasletha,nazuha,suen,shazz,fifi,mas,hasfa,ida cc,ida adik,ida kakak,ida housemate,,jaja,baby,anacinta,has,lia,lea,zurie,ira,ita,lala,hana,husna,erin,atri,zehan,sara,hanah,

current favourite songs:cinta pertama(sunny) by bunga citra lestari,because of u by neyo,pagi yg gelap n aku skandal by hujan,itu kamu by estranged,only hope by mandy moore,the blowers daughter by damien rice,foolish game n u were meant for me by jewel,diari seorang lelaki by pretty ugly,unfaithful by rihanna,aku bukan untukmu by rossa,tiada lagi by amy search,with u by chris brown,u got it back by usher,dilemma by nelly n kelly,my boo by alicia n usher,dewi by dewa..

current emotional status:not stable and not emotionally available..
current physical status:gemok!!!
current mental status:err stable...i guess

my first blog..
my first writing..
err what to say..
what to write..
just now i tot my head was filled with everything that i wanted to let out..
but now its empty..
so many things happened before that i would like to share wif u out there
err by the way..up here is my little introduction of who am i..for those who do not know me yet..
this blog is one of my way of expressing tots,my feeling,just like anyone else whos writing their own blog..should have started this a long time ago..but i guess i wasnt ready..but am i now???i donno..dont give a shit anymore
bcos rite now..this very particular head is so full like it wants to explode..i feel like my life is like what it was 4 years ago..

to be continued..